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Inclusion Essay

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Understanding the Doctoral Research Process

Inclusion is one of the approaches used by educators in a variety of educational challenges faced by children diagnosed with one or more disabilities. The purpose of this paper is to design a research structure that will critique the effectiveness of the educational approach of inclusion as a means to address the needs of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In observing students who are a part of the inclusive environment, it is evident that they benefit from social encounters however, in observing their academic progress, in such areas as analysis and critical thinking; it becomes clear that it is important to reevaluate the ...view middle of the document...

It has been discovered that much of the knowledge acquired derives from daily repetition.
On the same level I have also observed aspects of inclusion have been helpful in educating children on the spectrum. In reflecting on the reliability of inclusion as a classroom strategy I have noticed that the following have positively impacted student progress: professional development for teachers who work with autism spectrum disorder, access to resources both socially and academically, and the support of campus administrators and parents. Certainly, if one or more of the above mentioned was absent in the educational environment, and then the reverse would negatively impact student progress.
In conclusion, the emphasis my research will be to affirm my empirical observations and offer approaches that may be used in the classroom that will enhance student progress in the inclusive setting. There remains a considerable amount of research that needs to be conducted with regards to inclusion of children on the spectrum. However, according to (Jordan, 2008), it is through understanding...

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