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Including Young People Into Society Essay

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Politicians have often spoken of wanting to foster an ’intensive society’.
 How might we ensure that this society includes its young people?
In today’s society, the youth of today are looked upon as not worthy amongst an adult society. Media has had a knock on effect on the way teenagers are perceived. There is a controversy on whether teenagers should be including in events within society such as elections. However, there are many reasons why this is a difficult decision.

Firstly, in today’s evolved society, youth have been bombarded with technology such as; computers, laptops, mobiles, leaving them very little time to be doing something else. Also, technology is the reason for ...view middle of the document...

It is also a chance for younger people to get some credibility as universities and employers no longer just look at the academic side of people anymore and want to see past that. Furthermore, it would also stop a lot of stereotypes towards young people as young people are often stereotyped as lazy, selfish and criminal-like to say the least.

After the London Riots in the summer 2011, the stereotype of teenagers grew massively. Teenagers were blamed for all of the riots, even though it was statistically proven that 80% of the people who took part in these criminal offenses were 24+ - adults. This gave youth even less chance of recognition in the adult world. Media has had a huge impact on the way youngsters have been perceived, and from generation to generation it is only getting worse. With the public eye in doubt of teenager’s capabilities after such labelling and fixes, hope is wearing thinner and thinner for any glimmer of inclusion with society. In my view, there are different ‘cliques’ in society; the elderly, middle aged – adult, and teenagers – children. With teens loosing hope for respect, some begin to lose respect for others and portray the juvenile delinquent behaviour painted on every adolescent’s forehead – CRIMINAL. This gives the youth more reason to rebel as no one is being taken seriously or listening. ASBO’s are so easily handed out to youth these days, as soon as...

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