Incentive Plans Essay

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OMM 618 Human Resources Management
Instructor: Maja Zelihic
Laura Thomas, Student
November 18, 2013

Employee testing is extremely vital for companies to make certain that the best experienced employees are the ones that are receiving the jobs that have been applied for. Human Resources Departments from companies around the world require making sure the most excellent candidates are appointed in order for the company to maintain to run effortlessly, and not cost the company funds that was used up on the employees who did not remain on the job. Throughout the content of this paper, employee testing will be discusses and what the role of testing is in determining who the ...view middle of the document...

Steingold, (2013) suggest pre-employment testing, when used with the other measures will present a firm establishment when hiring the last candidate and reduce the capability to the knowledge understanding. The three most significant reasons a company should be pre-testing employees is to enlarge efficiency, hold on to excellence employees and to have quantifiable information placed for defensive hiring results.
Pre-employment test according to “State Drug and Alcohol Testing Laws.”, there are several types of employment testing. Every applicant must pass a pre-employment drug test before they are legitimately hired. Styles of test that follow the EEO rules, the screening test will ask the candidate many types of job connected inquiries that will test the awareness and problem solving abilities of the candidate and will assist in deciding whether or not that individual is considerable to work for the business.(Steingold, 2013. Pg 355-366) In the article, “State Drug and Alcohol Testing Laws”, it addresses the importance of drug testing. Drug testing in the workplace became popular in the late 80’s. Employers are restricted by law to offer a secure functioning atmosphere for their employees, to reduce the threat of accidents or injuries. If an employee has an on the job-accident, they are mandatory to contain a drug test completed whether the employer has a drug testing procedure or not, as an obligation of the employers workers compensation insurance policy. (Steingold, 2013., pg 355-366). Most jobs require employees to enclose past information or skills in a convinced field. This can be expensive to an employer, since they will now have to prepare the employees when a new candidate may have been educated and ready to begin working.
Another way pre-employment test will enhance efficiency is by including comprehensive questions about the employee’s character traits and work uniqueness. Employing and creating a hard-working labor force can build a vast diversity in the success of your business. Business maintenance is very important for increasing your business into an achievement. (Bateson, Wirtz, Burke, & Vaughn, 2013). Losing an employee costs a business time and capital by rehiring and retraining for the location. Pre-employment testing can assist you maintain value employees by making certain that they are the right candidate for the job in the first place. The accomplishment of any business is extremely reliant on the value of work completed by its employees on a every day basis, as well as the amount to which they can be dependent upon. This is mainly why employees tend to use a...

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