In The 21st Century Society, The Human Race Has Become Its Own Greatest Enemy

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A century ago, individuals faced a change in societal values, technology, and anoutbreak of rebellions and wars. A century ago, there was a lack of awareness ofthe outside world, and constant conflict between change and lack thereof. Acentury ago, social, technological and humanitarian issues were swept under thecarpet because individuals were not aware of their problems, did not know how tosolve these issues, or even worse, did not want to resolve them.Now, in the 21st century, the human race faces yet another challenge. Theconstant upheavals of societal values and technology have made individualsuncertain of who they are, where they stand in society and what the reality oftheir situation ...view middle of the document...

Women?s rights did not eventuate because society decided to open its eyes. Themanipulation of truth by governments was not elucidated because society decidedto open its ears. Issues of poverty and famine in third world countries drowningin foreign debt were not brought forward because society decided to open itsheart. The defects in the 21st century society are highlighted by free press,and free press alone.The fundamental benefit of free press is that it enables individuals to discernfor themselves what the ?truth? is, after receiving reports about what ishappening in their country, in the world and in society as a whole. Today in the21st century society, the media is a watchdog that serves as a critic foratrocities against individuals, civilisations and humanity.To those individuals presiding in developed, priviledged and wealthy countries,access to information and ?free? press is, quite simply, at the tip of theirfingertips. Information can be accquired from a variety of television networks,newspapers, magazines, websites, programs and publications. Yet access to thisinformation is available to only those fortunate enough to afford them.The majority of today?s ?civilised? and modernised society preside under thethrall of tyranny, whereby which, only officially approved information appearsin the media. There are those individuals in less developed and priviledgedcountries who continue to suffer under a barrage of lies, inevitably to die fromhunger or thirst for a word of truth.Hundreds of millions of people in the 21st century society have no contact withthe media. In many parts of Africa, television, radio and even newspapers arenonexistent. Even though some countries are fortunate enough to receive TVtransmissions, there are many individuals who cannot afford the luxury of TVsets.A significant portion of humanity still lives outside of the influence of themedia and has no reason to worry about media manipulation, or the bad influenceof the mass media, or even enjoy the...

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