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In Nebraska Essay

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Joshua Delacruz
English 101
Mrs. Springstubbe
Sept. 24, 2012
Personal Essay

I said yes, even after my mother told me not to, even after I told my older brother not to two years before, but what could happen, maybe Bill wouldn’t need me so there would be no impact on me. That is what I was thinking in the middle of June 2012. This is about me willingly sacrificing my summer to go work in a small town in Nebraska that has a population of about 2,500 and is at least two hours from the nearest Wal-Mart. To add on I’m also accustomed to life in a city where there’s actually traffic, and used to the noises of emergency vehicles’ sirens going off at about 2 a.m.
Both my dad and my uncle ...view middle of the document...

However, the people that my dad recommended Bill couldn’t go or were working already.
My dad called me and told me if I would be willing to go work in Nebraska, I told him I’d think about it. Two years earlier my brother Eddy was also asked to go but my family and I kept telling him not to, that he would ruin his summer and he could just find a job here. He didn’t go and he did get a job in MI. After I had gotten off the phone with my dad my mom kept reminding me what I had told my brother two years earlier, and telling me not to go, that I could get a job here in MI. I couldn’t remember telling him not to go but even my dad told me I had told my brother that.
Anyway, an overview of the pros and cons of going and staying were, if I stayed I could work here; I could take care of my siblings because Eddy worked. The bad things were that there would probably be no one to take me to and from work, and I wouldn’t have a car to learn to drive with. In NE however, the work would be with my dad, I wouldn’t be earning minimum wage and he would be able to teach me to drive. The cons were being about 16 hours from home, no friends or family except my dad. I’m really close to my family because my older brother is only twenty but still lives with us. Sacrificing my summer is a big thing for me, because summer is about having fun playing soccer and football with a lot of friends at church, and going to Lake Michigan. After looking at everything giving it hard thought, I decided to go. When my dad called again I told him I...

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