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In my college days, I was associated with Prayaas, a student’s initiative for teaching the under-privileged children of the nearby locality of our college and provide them a better education by providing them stationeries, books and tutoring them. To help with the financial requirement of the Prayaas, we collected newspapers, old books –copies from our batch mates, seniors, juniors in different hostels, which were later sold for making paper bags. We also sold Prayaas T-Shirts among our college mates so that we can generate funds for providing stationeries, books and copies to those children. And on weekend evening, we took out 1-2 hours of time to teach and guided the children. We team members had tough time initially convincing the guardian-parents of the children to make their children attend our classes. So we started with small number of children who were ready and seeing our dedication and sheer effort, other children ...view middle of the document...

We generally used to get a part of fund from the college authority. But due to some in disciplinary actions happened during our event previous year; the college authority had refused to provide the funds. Since the event was Annual Cultural Festival, we could not think of going ahead it without having proper funds in hand and our college did provide us a considerable amount of funds. After rounds of convincing the authority and management from our side, they did grant the fund but just half as the previous year. In such limited budget and funds, we had to look out for other sponsors and also planned the event in economical manner. For doing so, we introduced new competitions and events that would require economical budgets.

This incident is from my previous employer where I was working with a team of 3 for a customization project of a British Telecom. The clients were quite demanding and changed their requirement and specification very frequently, sometime we’d given very short period deadlines. In 1 such scenario, we received the client requirement mail in evening and they wanted to get it done by next day morning. Our Team Lead tried to convince them to extend the deadlines but to no effect. So, we 3 started the work which included formatting and auditing the data received from client location, feeding it into a particular server, checking the final output and preparing the report of the same. We started the work in 4-5 in evening and had to stay till 2 in the morning to complete the task so that it can be delivered to client next morning. Later on. We 3 received the appreciation mail from the management for delivering before such short deadlines.

We’d to take permission from our college for class rooms on weekend evenings so that we teach the group of children there. Since it was a student body, every decision involved was taken by us only. On every weekend sat-sun evening, we call the students who needed help and guidance in studies. Before that it, a group of this team went to the nearby areas and did a kind of surveys like how many children was a voluntary work. can our batch mates had collectively decided to

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