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In Memory Of Harriet Brooks A Very Well Known Chemist

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In Memory Of Harriet Brooks

In Memory Of Harriet Brooks

July 2, 1876-April 17, 1933

A very knowledgeable, intelligent, and wonderful woman born in Exter, Ontario and raised in Montreal. The first woman to receive a master's degree in physics, whom had top of the line marks in both math and natural philosophy, and who got to work with the best of the best scientists around the world, her ...view middle of the document...

She concluded that the emanation was a gas, and reckoned that its atom were a little smaller than those of its radium "parent." The gas eventually came to be called radon. Later on, she showed that radon in turn could change (or transmute) into other elements, and because of this, it is now known that radioactive elements from decay chains where atoms of one element break down and form progressively lighter atoms-atoms of different elements. Furthermore she went on to teach physics at a women's college and when she was obliged to resign her post when she got married, she realized that it was okay to make sacrifices, but sadly learnt that with her career came health risks, which lead her to leukaemia, caused by exposure to radiation and this first women for most died on the rainy afternoon of April 17, 1933.

You will never be forgotten for you were a great person, with a great ambition, whom will always leave a great mark in science.

Rest In Peace

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