In Love With The Wrong Man

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In Love with the Wrong Man In William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Helena is "In love with the wrong man." She is in love with Demetrius but he does not love her back. He loves Hermia whom is also in love with another man, Lysander. Helena helps create a lot of turmoil in the play being very promiscuous and contradictory. Helena produces a number of reactions from the other characters mostly negative reactions because of her actions, speech, and the reactions she gets from the other characters giving her motivation to be deceitful to them. In the beginning of the play Helena is relentlessly chasing Demetrius, who has no feelings for her at that time. She does ...view middle of the document...

Later in the story Helena remarks to Demetrius, " Run when you will, the story shall be changed"¦"(P.19) this foreshadows the way the story will change and how Demetrius' feelings will change for Helena. After the love spell is cast and both men like Helena she remarks, "You are both rivals, and love Hermia: and not both rivals, to mock Helena"¦"(P.36) thinking no man could ever really love her. She has no idea exactly what is going on and how the love spell went way wrong. She almost loses her one love Demetrius because she thinks he is being sarcastic. This goes along with the whole story plot of the crossed paths of these four lovers. Her speech shows how much she cares for Lysander and how she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. No matter how deceitful she might end up being, she will get what she wants. She gives a love potion to Demetrius and some how it goes way wrong and Lysander falls out of love with Hermia and in love with Helena. Showing how deceptive she is throughout the story. The other characters in the play really do not like Helena very much. Her only friend in the play is Hermia, who she betrays anyway. In the beginning of the story Demetrius and Lysander want nothing to do with her. She stills tries to get them even though they run from her and make remarks about how...

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