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Whether people like it or not, uniforms are here to stay in modern society. They are seen everywhere, from schools to policemen. Uniforms are a requirement for life. In professional work settings and careers they are expected. On this basis, why wouldn't they be used in a school setting? School uniforms prepares children for their futures. Parents and elders are filled with pride when they see the future generations in clothing that highlights their intelligence. Any issues with them, such as expense, expression, and their actual classroom effects, are easily solved. More schools should require uniforms. As it is, the trend is growing with one in five schools wearing uniforms (“Are ...view middle of the document...

Uniforms also have the effect of heightening the sense of belonging and school pride students feel (“Do Uniforms...”). Many students become attached to their schools, often people will say this such as “Bull Dogs rule!” or “Go Huskies!” to show allegiance to their school. When uniforms are worn, students identify with each other as being part of a glorious whole. It allows the social barriers that usually form to break down. Students may find it easier to fit in when they all can identify with each other. The pride in the school can unite the community and teach students professionalism that can follow them into adulthood (“School Uniforms...”). Parents are also being interacted with more as the schools look for their opinions. Contrary to belief, uniformed schools often work closely with parents to achieve acceptance and compromise on their regulations (“School Uniforms...”). As well as creating a sense of belonging, uniforms encourage students to strive towards achievement. With the materialistic expression being removed, of which students today are horrible conscious of, children are more able to find their own interests. Children today have become dependent on having the most expensive this-or-that and uniforms bring that ideal back to a moral point. This leads to students expression being in the form of activities (“Are School...”). Some schools also offer special uniform differentials to distinguish the honors these students may have gained in their activities (“School Uniforms...”). To compound this ideal, proponents have agreed that students should express themselves “in terms of their thoughts, their words, [and] their deeds” (“Are School...”).
Some classrooms and schools would argue that uniforms may look nice, however they don't make a school better. While this may be true in some cases, in many it is a false accusation. Students in schools with uniforms are more likely to be interested in school and strive to do well. This is because of the great number of schools. Uniformed schools may be becoming more common, however, usually a student still has an option of a non-uniformed school. In choosing the more professional option, these students are ones who wish to do well and set themselves up for their future by encouraging discipline. These results have been shown, especially in a 2005 study that states some schools showed improvement in attendance and graduation rates (“Do Uniforms...”) when uniforms were instigated. When not having to spend ridiculous amounts of time choosing their outfits or changing their appearances, students can focus on learning better (“Are School...”). Often students (particularly female students) place great self-worth on their appearance. Extra hours wasted could be accumulated through a week with the simple addition of uniforms. Going to a closet and picking a days clothes would be...

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