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In Favor Of Kant Essay

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In Favor Of Kant

As per reading this assignment, one can already tell how complicated the situation is. How can I prevent an upheaval in my town by not finding the actual murderer but framing an innocent homeless man who is oblivious to the entire situation prior to entering the town? How can this be justified? Should the idea of framing someone innocent even be thought of? Having two philosophers in mind, Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill, I immediately distinguish the theories and arguments and come to a conclusion which I think will justify this difficult case. I shall argue in favor of Immanuel Kant that that the homeless man should not be arrested and framed and why ...view middle of the document...

It is indeed a matter of common sense that we base our actions on the consequences because it seems like the most natural thing to do. Good deeds should especially be performed toward people and we should wish to make them happy. But for utilitarianism, it does not matter at all whether we intend to make people happy or not. For John Stuart Mill, because utilitarianism is a consequentialist theory, the moralities of the actions are based on these consequences. All that matters is that the outcome of our action is morally right if it creates the greatest possible happiness for the greatest possible number.
I believe the Kantian’s position is correct. We have to respect everyone’s human rights despite if he is homeless or not. If we were to apply that maxim towards a universal law that will apply to everyone, it certainly would not be fair and nor will everyone agree. Kant believed that actions such as lying, killing and cheating were absolutely prohibited, even in cases where the action would bring about more happiness than suffering or pain. It isn’t right to frame/kill one person to save a town because following that example other towns might do the same and it will result in an unfair treatment of people and the reverse of happiness for most of them.
“The Greatest Happiness” principle is a standard that suggests making decisions to result in the greatest happiness for the greatest amount of people. Indeed, if this...

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