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In An Essay Of At Least 300 Words, Analyze The Value Of Taking An Online Course Such As This One. There Must Surely Be Drawbacks As Well As Advantages To This Method Of Learning And Working Towards A College Degree

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Some people may say that taking online courses are a good way to earn a college degree. While some employers, on the other hand, would argue that this method does not offer the same experience as attending a traditional college. For some, the choice of taking online courses may be quite exhilarating and easy. For others this process could be more difficult due to the lack of supervision necessary to stay motivated. Every person wishing to pursue an online degree should take in consideration the advantages and drawbacks. While I have experienced both, online and traditional college, I will expose some advantages and drawbacks that I have encountered on journey to complete my degree.
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This is a useful advantage for people that have jobs just as demanding as mine and want to achieve career progression.
Another advantage that drew to online college was the fact that I can choose a school that provides the degree plan that I desire. In most places I’ve been stationed at, there has been one or two accredited colleges but lacked what I wanted to major in. This happens to many people that desire to achieve their degree. A person can choose a school close to them but it will not guarantee that these professors are experienced in your field while with online courses you can search for experienced instructors in your field.
Even though you may choose an online college that offers what you desire and instructors that have experience in your field of choice, the level of interaction with the instructors and your peers is low. While attending traditional college you can schedule face-to-face meetings with the instructors and your peers to discuss the coursework. There are still possibilities of interacting with your...

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