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Imt Custom Machine Company Case Study

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IMT Custom Machine Company, Inc. (CMCI) is a subsidiary of International Machine and Tool—USA (IMT-USA). They are a highly regarded company and are the world’s leading manufacturer of custom machines. IMT has a lengthy history involving multiple acquisitions and mergers which have led the company to its current form. Throughout the extensive changes that have taken place throughout the company’s history, and especially within the last twenty years, the company has lost much of its cohesion and unity. By 1999, the CMCI culture was fractured, its work flow stuttered, and many changes were needed in order for the company to remain abreast of market changes in a competitive world.
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Page understands the value of a clear and concise set of core company values, which will help her make a decision when it comes to the improvement of the CMCI IT department. Page realizes that CMCI needs to improve the efficiency and organization of their information systems across each of its manufacturing plants and other centers of operation. An overarching vision for the company as a whole has been created, which is a positive foundation for the future. This new vision for the future needs to now be applied to other aspects of the company, starting with its information systems. The company’s IT structure is extremely fractured, consisting of many different systems. Many of them are important and necessary, while others border on superfluous.
There are a number of clear issues that need to be addressed before the company’s information systems can begin to get back on track. Firstly, in order to maintain a functioning IT department, a senior level manager needs to be appointed. This position will be designed to oversee all information systems concerns and issues, and provide clear cut direction. They will also act as a liaison between members of management who may be disconnected from information systems, such as Page, and the IT department.
In order to facilitate a strong company culture for all information systems, a statement of vision, architecture, and strategy needs to be developed that is consistent with business objectives. Many of IMT’s values can be directly related to the importance of information systems. For example, one of the guiding principles states, “concentrate on priority actions rather than procedural issues.” Currently, employees of CMCI are forced to juggle the use of handful of different systems, many of which are not updated nor optimized for their current work requirements. This creates the need for unnecessarily complicated workarounds that keep engineers bogged down in “procedural issues,” when other tasks of greater priority exist. Another guiding principle states, “remove barriers to performance,” one of which are the slow-moving, complicated machines and illogical systems the employees are required to work with.
But the IT issues continue: Systems at CMCI are supported by a team split between two separate groups (MIS and ES) with no real collaboration or interconnection. A large portion of mainframe CPU capacity is being used to run CAD software for the engineers. In order to keep the aging systems functioning, frequent and costly software updates are required. Security is everything for large company systems, but at CMCI there is no data redundancy in case of mainframe failure. During system downtime (which really should never happen), groups are having to rely on inefficient paper systems. There is no real consistency in the software developed for use at each of the manufacturing plant. When a local issue arises, software is developed to address the problem, but little to no consideration is...

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