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Improving Student Feedback Essay

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Improving Student Feedback
Student feedback to assignments at Ashford University has been lacking over the past several years. One of the main issues with feedback is that a second assignment is usually due before the first assignment is even graded. The lack of feedback causes the student to be unable to correct issues with their written documents in a timely manner thus causing the issue to be repeated in the next assignment. Another big problem is the lack of detailed feedback. A normal feedback consists of something along the line of “incorrect APA formatting” or “lack of detail”. This sort of feedback does not help the student improve their work, it only causes ...view middle of the document...

The students will get the required information from the syllabus and the teacher’s initial post. The main purpose of advertising the solution will be to inform the teachers of the new requirement. This solution will require teachers to open a discussion with each student every week to discuss the assignments for the previous week and to ensure the student understands they grades they received. The teachers must understand this requirement for it to be implemented properly in phase two. The students should also be told about the solution as it will allow them to receive improved feedback with teachers each week and also allow them to question why the received the grade they did.

The second phase of the solution is to implement the discussion post for each class. This will be the easiest phase of the proposed solution. The only change will be adding one discussion post titled “Feedback Discussion” that can be right above the “Discussion 1” for each week. This can be completed simply by changing the template used for each of the current classes. Once the change is implemented and the template changed, there will be no changes for the classes in the future.

The third phase of the solution is to ensure that teachers are complying with the requirement of engaging each student every week. This phase is possibly more important than the first because if the teachers are not following through with the feedback then there is no use in putting the discussion forum in place. This can be a simple audit by the University personnel to ensure that the teachers are actually posting information in the feedback discussion each week.

The cost of this solution will be nothing as long as teachers are willing to continue to teach at the current pay with the increased tasks required. If the teachers demand an increase in pay for the increased workload, there could be an increase in pay for teachers per class, however, this cost could be offset by an increase in tuition per student per class. This solution will require no extra personnel as it will operate with the personnel currently in place. The feasibility of this solution is extremely doable. Because this just requires the teacher and student to have more interaction throughout the class, it will only strengthen the ability for a teacher to actually...

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