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Improving Organizational Performance Paper

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Improving Organizational Performance
Kyle Petty
July 27, 2011
Dr. Jerry Punch

Improving Organizational Performance
The Airdevils is a stunt organization whose quality of performance has plummeted in past two years. The founder, Celsey, has made some assumptions that the performance decline is a reflection of the heavy recruitment throughout the year and the unfamiliarity between the team members. Celsey was confident that the team members of Airdevils would resolve matters with passage of time; however, after two years the problems surfaced, matters have become worse and the time had come to ...view middle of the document...

Phase two began with selection of several viable interventions within a prescribed budget acceptable to the Airdevils organization. DT selected job design, entering new lines of stunts, performance based incentives, and allowing stunt performers to participate in open competitions as the methods of intervention to improve organizational performance. Improving job design will ensure that the stunt performers concentrate on the core competencies of their jobs and are not forced to something they do not like. Additionally, entering a new line of stunts and providing performance based incentives will have a positive effect performance and show the company is flexible and recognizes employees for their contributions. Allowing employee participation in open competitions would provide better visibility for the stunt performers, allowing him or her to show case individual skills, and will provide a means of recognition (Apollo Group Inc, 2005). DT selections would not have been enough to increase the stunt performer’s job satisfaction. Specifically, selecting performance based incentives and entering new line of stunts as an intervention were not the best choices because neither addresses the basic psychological concerns of the stunt performers. Stunt performers are not focused on the money, most performers want to perform a variety of stunts to demonstrate personal skills and enter new stunts into the line-up to provide innovative routines. Although viable, both the performance based incentives and entering new stunts into the line-up are extremely costly to the organization. DT provided new interventions and the organization immediately demonstrated a marked increase in employee performance.
Rolling into phase three Celsey believes the future of organization lies in the stunts consultancy. DT assisted by developing and selecting an informal group of three people from within the organization to test this idea. The concept is this group will start by preparing innovative stunt plans for current Airdevils customers. If the customers like these plans and are willing to spend extra for stunts consultation the organization will form a separate consultancy division (Apollo Group Inc, 2005). Celsey selected seven potential candidates for DT to choose from in development of a high performance group of three employees. Through assessment of absolute skills and emotional stability of the seven employees DT down selected the personnel that scored highest in both areas. This selection process of selection would yield a group with a low-level of interpersonal conflict. However, failure of DT to review colleague’s comments on each of the seven employees led to selection of three personnel that do not share similar personalities and attitudes. This group would not have performed well, given the inherent personalities in terms of attitude and personality. DT went back to the drawing board and selected three employees...

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