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Improving Employee Job Satisfaction Essay

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Today businesses believe that the sustaining of performance and competitive advantage to becoming a great organization. As an organization’s success depends on their employees’ performance, the value of specific individual employee has played an important role within an organization to be competitive. At that time, the value of each and individual employee and their satisfaction with their jobs are one of the key factors for an organization and organizations need to find ways to improve employee job satisfaction to achieve organizational goals.
Improving employee job satisfaction brings along additional benefits such as a direct impact on increase customers’ satisfaction and employees’ work ...view middle of the document...

Besides, employee behaviour is also necessary for an organization to be smooth, cooperate and communicate well in the organization to achieve gaols. There is some reciprocal relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. Satisfaction can cause performance, performance can cause satisfaction and rewards affect both performance and satisfaction. If employees are satisfied and committed to their job, they are more willing to take additional responsibilities without increasing their salaries. Then, their levels of commitments are high and they are more enjoyable in their work place. When employees are happy, they are more probably to have a positive attitude on life and more enthusiastic and productive. Otherwise, if employees are dissatisfied on their job, they are demotivated and they are not participating in any organizational activities, means lack of commitment. This leads to increase absenteeism and high turnover or work sabotage in the work place.
Job satisfaction does not only depend on the quality of employment, but also on the employee’s expectations with respect to the job. The better fit between employees’ expectations and the job reality, the better the satisfaction of employees and it is vice versa. (Llorente, 2005). If the job satisfaction is low, there will be a performance problem. Employees’ job satisfaction based on several factors such as autonomy, working conditions, supervision, promotional opportunity, skill identity, skill variety, social relations, workload, pay and feedback. Moreover, group cohesion and organizational culture are positively connected to the job satisfaction within an organization. That leads employees’ commitment and improves job performance. Organization can develop the relationships with the employees by motivating them to maintain a competitive advantage through employee job satisfaction and performance.
According to the Herzberg’s two factors theory, employees have two types of needs; hygiene factors and motivator. The hygiene factors are basic needs and including salary, job security, supervision and working condition and in a neutral state if these are fulfilled. These are not motivation for job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction can cause if the basic needs are not fulfilled. Motivators include responsibility, recognition, authority, advancements and achievements. Both hygiene factors and motivators are fulfilled, employees are satisfied. If the motivators are not fulfilled, the neutral state will be caused. Even though, if the motivators are fulfilled but the hygiene factors are not, the employee will still feel dissatisfaction towards the job. These conditions are affected the job performance to achieve set goals and management needs to aware of these situations. Normally, a person with a high level of job satisfaction towards a positive attitude in the job, while a person is dissatisfied, his/her job tends to a negative attitude about the job (Pushpakumari, 2008). Dissatisfied...

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