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Improvements To Aircraft Security Essay

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IntroductionThe aviation industry was devastated by the events September 11, 2001. How did these acts occur? Who is responsible for security? Many of these questions spread through the United States pondered by all citizens. Why would anyone want to kill all those people? Terrorist do many things normal human beings would never consider. They feel no one is listening to them and this is the only way of gaining attention and having someone listen to their troubles. Many terrorist organizations are driven by religious beliefs and feel what they are doing is right. After doing research on many religions, the use of terror and destruction is explicidly forbidden. Christians, Muslims, Jews, ...view middle of the document...

The economy and the aviation industry parallel each other. As one is effected the other is sure to follow. With this in mind, the last twelve months have been a roller coaster for both fields. What will happen next? What will happen with the travelling public? Like in the past, as the economy grows people earn more money. Having more money allows people to travel. Without the money people will not travel. Now throw a third variable into the mix, terrorism. If one is afraid to fly, what do they do with their money? Save it or spend it elsewhere.Before September 11th, no one had ever imagined such destruction could be caused from a hijacking. Everyone heard of bombs going off in planes and people dying from plane crashes. When one thinks of hijacking, we think someone desperate to get attention. Possibly to free comrades or make a point religiously. Will the hijackers harm the people? Hopefully in the end the hostages are released, the hijackers arrested and everyone goes on about their business. New terror is realized when hijacking not only kills the people on board the plane, but the people that innocently sit at work in a building. Now aircraft are the weapon not the people on board. Aircraft Security must change to give passengers confidence to fly. Some people fly because their job requires while others fly for recreation. The aviation industry makes most of its profits from business and a small percentage from recreation. These are the majority of people that must be protected. We will see what airlines are doing to protect not only the pilots and crew but also the passengers.In the following page we will cover aviation security. Many things have happen throughout the industry because of events on September 11th. Some of the areas we sill be covering are current and future trends effecting our safety on aircraft. Other areas covered are successful and unsuccessful trends leading up to and after September 11th.Current trendsThe beginning, skyjacking was used to escape. The earliest account of hijacking occurred in 1930(Wallis, 1993, p.1). At the end of World War II (WWII) Europe was divided by east and west. People caught on the Communist side and were looking for away out. According to Wallis, "many elected to hijack aircraft as a means of escaping in search of political asylum to the West"(1993, p.2). Hijacking was a means of accomplishing a task out of desperation. People were not intending to hurt anyone, they were providing a means to reach freedom.As time moved on, skyjacking numbers increased and reasons changed from freedom of a family and friends to freedom of comrades. The first significant number of hijackings in a year occurred in 1961(Choi, 1994, p.6). The total for the year was 11. Hijackings continue to grow until 1969 and reached a record 85(Choi, 1994, p.6). Since the early 1970's, it has been of concern that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to do something about air piracy. The old days of political asylum had...

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