Impressionism Vs Post Impressionism Essay

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Impressionism, the Benchmark of Post Impressionism
Marvin Johnson

November 09, 2014

Impressionism and Post Impressionism

In France, by the conclusion of the nineteenth century many changes were arising. The social and political arenas were in an uprise. This environment made way for diversities among the artistic styles of the day. It encouraged artist to display their abilities and uniqueness in masterpieces of art, music, and theater. Visual arts, such as photography and film-making gained appreciation. As Impressionism broke away from traditional art, it was regarded as controversial originally and endangered the worth of fine art.
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Lithography was developed and contributed to artists touching a much broader audience by mass producing their work. Impressionism grew in Paris in spite of difficult times and influence There was hostile resistance from the conservative artists.
In 1874, a renowned group of artists, engravers, and sculptures erected a display in the studio of Felix Nadar. This group was known as the Cooperative and Anonymous Society. Thirty artists comprised the society’s protest to the ordinary artistic genre. Features of impressionism, in lesser, noticeable strokes, exposed structures, normal themes, and portrayed light in a shifting feature, gave accent on color where previous focus was on lines.
It had uncluttered arrangement and unfamiliar angles. Generally, impressionism was rendered outdoors with sincere postures painted in elegance. The masterpieces captivated the personality and core of the theme. It was a hurried skill often completed in a very short amount of time. (Impressionism, 2014).
Claude Monet, the forefather of impressionism, would paint what he saw, adding his own emotional emphasis, rather than merely replicate from others. The impressionist also highlighted common folk rather than the more elite class. Claude learned that the shading of shadows wasn’t merely black or brown, but the shades were a reflection of the color(s) that encircled the piece of art. The artist technique used today is celebrated as diffuse reflection (Claude Monet, 2014). Pierre-Auguste Renoir stood as a comrade of Monet. He was also known as an impressionist. He focused on exciting colors and artistically expressed feminine nudity. His artistic effort was like a contemporary snapshot using upbeat colors and lighting. Taking photographs encouraged impressionists to demonstrate their artistic gifts. Paul Cezanne, like Monet, was disappointed with the salons. His artwork delivered natural settings such as dirtiness or muddy expressions of the outdoors. His paintings were often completed in one simple setting rather than multiple setting that could last weeks. Impressionists understood that public did not grasp only the objects, but the light that reflected the objects around them. This is why they were creative outside and not in the studio. This way of thinking began the post-impressionism era and which set precedent for modern art.
During the period from 1886-1914, the artists weren’t content with only the artistic effort of their era of art and sought to restore a sense of direction and organization of painting. They desired to return objects back to their basic forms. Post impressionists protested their concerns and disappointments of impressionism. The artists established their own originality and personality in their art. They used bright, intense colors, abundant layers of paint, distinctive characteristics of their brushings and used ordinary subject matters, but used regular methods. It was a slower method and explored...

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