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Important And Roles Essay

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PLANNING: Planning involves choosing tasks that must be performed to attain organizational goals, outlining how the tasks must be performed, and indicating when they should be performed.
Planning activity focuses on attaining goals. Managers outline exactly what organizations should do to be successful. Planning is concerned with the success of the organization in the short term as well as in the long term.
Organizing can be thought of as assigning the tasks developed in the planning stages, to various individuals or groups within the organization. Organizing is to create a mechanism to put plans into action.
People within the organization are given work ...view middle of the document...

Sales Managers maintain a sales force that markets goods. Personnel managers provide organizations with a competent and productive workforce. Plant managers run manufacturing operations that produce the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and the automobiles we drive.
Our society could never exist as we know it today nor improve without a steady stream of managers to guide its organizations. The well known management author Peter Drucker highlighted this point when he said that Effective Management is probably the main resource of developed countries and the most needed resource of developing ones.
In short, all societies, whether developed or developing, need a huge lot of good managers.
Essentially, the role of managers is to guide the organizations toward goal accomplishment. All organizations exist for certain purposes or goals,and managers are responsible for combining and using organizational resources to ensure that their organizations achieve their...

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