Importance Of Teamwork In The Kitchen

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BBHM105: Culinary Techniques and Standards

Teamwork in the Kitchen Environment
A competent chef, however, needs more than just good practical skills. To be a role model and encourage teamwork, the chef must demonstrate effective organisation, time management and meet occupational health and safety standards (OHS). These are equally important work practices, as they contribute to a safe and productive work environment. Furthermore, all these skills need to be consistently practised until they become an automatic part of the chef‟s daily working routine. Chefs have been called “the people in the middle” They are regarded as employees by higher management but are looked upon as members of ...view middle of the document...

These must ultimately reflect the kitchens contribution to the company‟s main objectives. The chef‟s problem, then, is to ensure that subordinates work is always directed towards the achievement of the goals and standards set for them. Communicating and organizing, as operational procedures means allocating work to various teams and individuals in the kitchen and providing them with the right materials (equipment and supplies) to do their jobs. In order to carry out these tasks successfully, the chef must not become overextended and exhausted by insisting on retaining all authority. The secret of managerial efficiency lies in the art of delegation. This is not a process of evading work by dumping as much as possible onto others; on the contrary, it involves giving each person the authority required to handle an assigned job directly. The chef still retains ultimate responsibility for the overall standard of the kitchen‟s food production. Some chefs may fear to delegate. They think that, if they do not personally attend to every detail, either the food produced will suffer or they themselves will appear superfluous. But in reality, both chef and staff work better when each concentrates on what each does best.

BBHM105: Culinary Techniques and Standards

Coordination ensures harmony within the kitchen team and greater cooperation with other departments of the hotel. In particular, the chef should seek close cooperation with food and beverage management. All too often, friction between these two departmental areas results in bad restaurant service. Coordination becomes especially difficult in split-shift systems and in systems where multi-skilled employees work in more than one department. The latter concept has been tried with employees who find the varied pattern more fulfilling and elsewhere as a cost cutting exercise. But it places great demands on the chef‟s...

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