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Importance Of Research Essay

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Importance of Research
When writing college papers, grants or just presentations for work research is the most important process of the writing process. This paper will discuss the three segments of the TEDTalks: Award –Winning Teenage Science in Action video. The three segments discuss carcinogens, chemotherapy and asthma.
Segment 1
Lauren Hodge conducted a research study on carcinogens in grilled chicken. The hypothesis developed by Lauren was “could possibly the carcinogens be decreased due to a marinade and could it be due to the differences in pH?” ( ). This topic was important to Lauren, because while in the doctor’s office she read an article that discussed a lawsuit pertaining to ...view middle of the document...

Segment 2
Shree Bose conducted research on chemotherapy and the effects on the human body. This research was important to Shree, because at the age of fifteen her grandfather passed away due to cancer. Cancer patient become resistant to the drugs used to treat their cancer, for some patient even after they have been diagnosed as cancer-free, their cancer returns and they develop a resistance to the medication and lose their fight with cancer. Shree worked under Dr. Basu at the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texas. In her research Shree found that when blocking protein, patient are responding to the drugs. This means that if a patient becomes resistant to the drugs used to treat their cancer, then they can be given a chemical that blocks the protein and the patient can again use the drug to treat the cancer. Health services administrators can use this research to help all cancer patients to fight and possibly cure cancer. All cancer patients rely on hope and this research give all cancer patient hope to be with their family for a longer period of time.
Segment 3
Naomi Shah conducted research on asthma and the effect of indoor air quality. She wanted to find out if indoor air pollutants pose a negative impact on lung health. This research was important to Naomi because both her brother and father suffered from chronic allergies year round. Naomi collected her information from peak...

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