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Importance Of Play In Children's Learning And Development

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This resource booklet will discuss the important roles of play in children’s learning and development. The theories of plays, type of plays and how learning can be supported through play. Finally, it will discuss how practitioners observe and plan appropriate play experiences for young children, the cultural differences and anti-discriminatory practice.
Play serves countless important purposes such as a means by which children develop their physical, intellectual, emotional, language and social skills. Benson and Haith, (2009).
Cutis (1998), highlighted play as an integral part of the curriculum from birth ...view middle of the document...

This type of play is linked to appendix 1. Children exploring the story of Gruffalo, using puppets and soft toys.
Expressive play is a type of play whereby a child expresses the feelings through art, music, writing, gesture for example moaning, vital for creativity. This activity can be linked to appendix 3. Child unable to speak but expresses himself by moaning the words.
Physical play is a play when children developed, practice and refine bodily movements and control. This includes complete body and limb movements, co-ordination and balance, such activities include physical movements for the children own sake and enjoyment. This activity is linked to appendix 4 Child was able to knock down the tower block using his physical development skills
Exploratory play is a play that includes children makes use of their physical skills and their brains to discover out what things feel like and what they can do with them. Moreover, Children examine their individual body and then explore the things in their environment. This is the type of play that is link appendix 1. In this activity, children enjoyed it. However, they engaged in the story and activities. They were sharing and taking turns with colour pencils/
Manipulative play comprises of practising and refining motor skills, such types of play improves physical skill and hand-eye co-ordination. In excess children need more knowledge around the different levels of manipulation if they need to improve their motor skills, such types of play involves manipulating objects and materials. This type of play is linked to appendix 5. The child is curious to see what would happen when he knocks the plates down.
Constructive play encompasses building something using natural and manufactured materials. For example as children develop, such play can become more complex and complicated. This type of play is linked to appendix 4. This helps with the child’s physical development, hand, eye coordination.
According to the activities listed in the appendix 1-6, Every Child Matters it states that “every child should make an equal contribution . The only way that children can do this is if they have sound self-esteem and sound emotional well-being and sound social skills and function in as many social situations as they choose.

Adult and practitioner roles
Play is an important activity for children which help as a way of exploration, learning and enjoyable activities on their own or wit their peers. Therefore, when children are left on their own devices in an interesting environment, some of them will learn on their own explorations and play, resulting to their own ideas and motivations. However, Early Year Practitioners have important roles to play in providing the building blocks for independent exploration such as material, time, space and supportive emotional environment (The National Strategies, 2009).
Adults have a vital part in motivating and supporting children to reach further than their...

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