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Running head: MARKETING PLAN

Marketing Plan
Brian Miller
Michael Green – Instructor
University of Phoenix
February 3, 2009

Marketing Plan
VLAC Inc., is comprised of roughly 50,000 employees. The company has grown to such a size from the development of our extensive product line. These products need a marketing strategy and plan. Without a marketing plan our product line and population would diminish considerably. We must also work within strict guidelines on how we market our products, due to the fact we manufacture and sell to government agencies and organizations.
Because our primary customers are government organizations, market research is difficult. When the ...view middle of the document...

Other alternatives of media would be email distribution lists, automated phone calls, text messages and on-line advertisements. However, these methods of advertisement have fairly strict laws that we would have to abide by. One thing to note, we will also take under consideration the effectiveness of these methods. Most on-line advertisements are not successful and are dismissed as being a nuisance.
Our initial target for the consumer line products are internet retailers (e-commerce.) E-commerce sites are the easiest to create and manage transactions with. Second would be physical retail stores in key, high traffic cities. Finally, directly to the consumer; we will create an on-line purchasing system for direct-to-consumer transactions.
I suggest we consider using a “shrink wrap” product for an e-commerce on-line purchasing system. While I can create this application in-house, it would be more cost effective to purchase something off-the-shelf. The product line for the e-commerce site should be fed in directly from our...

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