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Importance Of Firewall Essay

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Importance of Firewall

The importance of a firewall is that it blocks malware that would be able to scan your computer to find its vulnerable areas and then attempt to break it while it is at its weakest point. First of all there is only one way to make your computer completely safe from attack and that is either when it is off or unconnected from the Internet.
Other than that there are always vulnerabilities. However, you can make it as close to hacker proof as possible while it is connected to the Internet. The way to do this is to have a personal firewall installed along with antivirus and anti spyware protection. Plus you have to make sure that all three of these are updated on the regular. Additional protection is available to a network that used a router with a firewall ...view middle of the document...

It allows individual users decide how much content they want to filter through and what websites are safe to use. In some cases users have a very lax opinion of what should and should not be allowed to pass through their filter.
An Internet firewall is important for many reasons. Some value a firewall for its ability to keep private information secure. Identity theft is a growing crime and many see firewalls as a good defense against these specific types of predators. Others, such as small business owners, think firewalls are important because a firewall keeps all their personal electronic information private. Not only is privacy important from a competitive perspective, but you must make certain that you can assure your customers that their personal business information is going to be safe with you. Firewall monitors all network traffic and has the ability to identify and block unwanted traffic. Since most computers these days are connected to the internet, attackers have many opportunities to find victim computers. These attackers probe other computers on the internet to determine if they are vulnerable to various types of attacks. When they find a suitable computer, they can compromise it and insert themselves onto that computer. At that point the attacker can make the victim computer perform almost any task he desires. Attackers will often try to steal personal information for the purposes of financial fraud. All of this activity takes place in the background without the user knowing what is happening.
Firewalls are excellent tools when attempting to ascertain what has happened after a security incident occurs. Almost all firewalls regardless of type of implementation, log the various activities that occur on them.
While antivirus software is a great tool to help keep you safe, adding a firewall will keep you away from the bad guys out there.

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