Importance Of Education In Everyone's Life

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The Government’s efforts to ensure education for all is a noble idea and it had been a herculean task to make the idea of “Education for all” acceptable among the public amidst lot of debates and oppositions. Education is essential for all and especially for the marginalized as it is the only means of getting access to the mainstream privileges and opportunities. The faith in the effectiveness of the Government educational institutions has dwindled but it is the Government-run educational institutions that can help the poor to make use of resources available in the mainstream society.

The teacher absenteeism, their lackadaisical attitude towards the marginalised, their methods of ...view middle of the document...

The teacher is not always abreast of the latest techniques of imparting education and given the sophisticated but costly methods available in the market does not necessarily compel teachers to come up with innovative ideas. They may just feel the lack of such tools with them but at the same time nobody can challenge the fact that there are alternative and cheap mechanisms of delivering courses. But these alternative mechanisms may not be that effective in preparing a learner to be at par with learners who had exposure to superior modes of learning.

The limitations in alternative mechanisms remain that those learners who have evinced intelligence and interest above average learners. But the number is few and some of them have been able to enter the mainstream professions. Given the market demands of hands-on-experience, the school curricula have also undergone massive changes. Schools are focusing more and more on learning techniques that would be useful in the day to day life and job market as well. The skill sets that require in a fluctuating job scenario are the ability and flexibility to cope with changes. The other factors that help grow a person are...

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