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Importance Of Discoveries In Biology Essay

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Importance of Discoveries in Biology


December 7, 2013

Dr. Deborah Ladner

South University Online

Over the past two hundred years there have been a significant number of discoveries that are notable. Some of the most notable discoveries are the cure for syphilis in 1909, the discovery of insulin in 1922. In 1922 penicillin was discovered, the nucleus of an atom was found to be made of protons and neutrons in 1932. Chemotherapy for the treatment of leukemia was developed in 1950. The building block of life, DNA, was discovered in 1953 and then one year later the first kidney transplant that was successful is noted. And most notable in 1997 scientist were ...view middle of the document...

After reading an article I found out that recently anthropologists discovered human skull fossils that are about two million years old. The researchers discovered that the human skulls they were looking into had much smaller skull sizes, prominent brows, and it was determined that the human was able to stand upright. It is so amazing that we are able to go anywhere and see anything, but still we are discovering new objects daily. I believe the importance of discovering fossils is to prove our evolution. It will be much easier to show to those in doubt if we have similarities as opposed to showing one an ape and stating we came directly from the ape. Life is about education we must always continue to learn and question everything.
The second topic that was the most interesting and most difficult to truly grasp for myself was DNA. I remembered learning about DNA in high school, but never really understood it, nor did I apply myself like I currently do in my studies. For over fifty years now scientists have known about DNA and the double helix, but as of recently scientists have discovered a quadruple helix in the DNA of cells. I find this very interesting that DNA has been known about for more than half a century, but there are really four helix and not just two. This discovery could be the biggest discovery in DNA research ever. The discovery could also benefit all walks of life. The quadruplexes is now a confirmed study and now further research can be done to see what the benefits are of this quadruplex. Many believe that this new found DNA structure could even lead to future treatments of cancer. This unusual DNA molecule plays a very important part in cell division. Researchers also found out that this DNA molecule is most commonly found in rapidly diving cells. As we known cancer cells are able to divide very rapidly. Therefore a solution could be close to the cure of cancer. Researchers believe a cure could be possible if the quadruplex molecules in the cancer cells are able to be trapped and no longer able to divide. Researchers must now figure out how to target the cancer cells. If this process can be accomplished the reward is huge. Someday we could live in a cancer free world, and those currently affected could obtain some of their life back. With cancer killing more than 7.6 million people dieing from cancer every year, this research must be done. Maybe one day future generations will hear the word cancer and think of it as devastatingly as our current generation does.
For the topic of biotechnology discoveries I found an article on something I have never even heard of and found it so very interesting. The article is about people that must use a wheelchair being able to achieve mobility through a tongue piercing. Currently paraplegics achieve mobility by sipping and puffing air. This of course has several drawback for instance: tubes must be cleaned regularly and if the wheel chair bound person also has respiratory problems it...

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