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Importance Of Cultural, Ethnic, Gender Difference By Managers And Professional In A Business Setting

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Importance of cultural, ethnic, gender difference by managers and professional in a business setting.

In a professional organization, a successful manager must be able to deal

with people with multiple cultural differences and diversity. Diversity is the

presence of people from wide range of backgrounds possessing different traits.

People tend to prejudge and place stereotypes on others that are not like them, to

be an effective, manager and employee must be respectful and recognize each

other’s differences. Some contributing factors to diversity include age, race, ethnic

origin, culture, physical abilities, religion and sexual orientation. A good manager

should be able work with any one regard of their culture or race. In some

organizations, women are still regarded as inferior to men, which affects their

positions and salary, also some minorities ...view middle of the document...

Effective communication with people

with different cultural background is an essential skill that could be used to affect

the company positively. Managers should continue to educate themselves on how to
Importance of cultural, ethnic, gender difference by managers and professional in a business setting.

deal with diversity and have to be accepting of other people culture without impose

their own culture on others or condemning others. As managers, it is also important

to be flexible, encouraging and supportive toward the employee. Studies have

shown that employee perform well in their duties when they get positive feedback,

support from management.

Management have to avoid ethnocentric behaviors and prejudices,

Ethnocentrism is not necessary a bad thing. (CCN). Some people thinks their own

culture is superior to others while prejudice is a negative opinion of others. This is

make the work environment uncomfortable place. Some people may interpret this

as discrimination, when this is not resolved it starts to affect the productivity of the

employee and the organization can also loss it credibility.

A manager has to be cultural competent, According Diller, cultural competent as the

ability to effectively provide services cross-culturally (2007). Promoting cultural

competence is very important for communication and reducing racial and ethnic


In conclusion, manager should continue to receive education and be open-minded to

acceptance of diverse cultures and different groups. There are literatures, seminars,

video that can be used to educational tools. Acceptance and respecting other people

culture and ethnic continue to be a big issue in the workplace, proper education will

help both manage and employee avoid feeling stress out at work.

Importance of cultural, ethnic, gender difference by managers and professional in a business setting.


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