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Importance Of Community Development Essay

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Community development has helped in Organization of development administration. This has
being one of the greatest achievements of community development program. It has facilitated
the establishment of well structured administrative setup for development activities. From the
centre to the villages a chain of developmental organization has been created. The
establishment of many development blocks has ensured proper distribution of development
efforts throughout the country. It has helped to a great extent in reflecting the views and needs
of the people in planning and implementing.
Has lead to better health services. Another gift that comes on hand with community
development is the creation of facilities for public health through the finance from the
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people have been at a position where they can sustain themselves thus making the economy
more stable through income they get from their project
People especially those in the rural areas have learnt on how to share and use local resources
for the betterment of the others in the society. In the community local people have to learn
that no one can stand as an own. Most of the community membe s have embraced the giving
in of what one has and accommodating others ideas so as to have a smooth living.
Increase in standard of living. Though it’s true that other populations are yet to benefit it’s true
that the project has succeeded in bringing up the standard of living in many rural places. This is
really evident as opposed to some years earlier, many families own a radio a television set, a
bicycle, motorcycle and have moved to better dressing codes, better diets through the help of
doctors and nurses.
Community development has contributed to the growth of Kenya’s economy as a whole. The
development programs which are carried out through different phases of development projects
have led to generation of income to those in those groups involved. Local populations discover
their potential to produce valuable and quality products which in return give good profits
Local populations have been in a position to utilize their local resources for their better living.
The people who bring in the community development programs usually have knowledge in
doing quite a number of things and sometimes you find that the available local resources are
the ones being used for production of several commodities.
Lastly community development has led to improvement of agriculture in general. Many people
get to learn on the right methods of growing certain plants or rearing animals. Other groups
even help community members by giving the right seeds and required breeds of animals

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