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Importance Of Circumcission Essay

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Male circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the penis. It is very common all over the world, religion, culture or health reasons it limits the spread of HIV. Studies show it significantly reduces men’s chances of getting HIV. Global health organizations recommended it to be included in national HIV prevention programs, it applies in countries with high rates of HIV infection and low rates of male circumcision, like Namibia.

Male circumcision in Namibia

A national assessment of male circumcision in Namibia has recently been conducted and about 20 percent of adult men between 15-49 years in Namibia are circumcised. The rate is highest in Kunene and Omaheke regions (50% and 57% respectively). 52% of male circumcisions are done by traditional methods. Regions in the north, ...view middle of the document...

Men who are circumcised do not suffer health problems associated with the foreskin such as phimosis (an inability to pull back the foreskin) or paraphimosis (swelling of the foreskin when pulled back, causing inability to return it to its normal position). Circumcised men do not have to clean under their foreskin, so they may find it easier to maintain cleanliness of the penis. Studies show that female partners of circumcised men have a lower risk of cancer of the cervix. Circumcision is associated with a lower risk of cancer of the penis.

How long does it take to heal after circumcision?”

The dressings can be removed after a couple of days, full recovery takes six weeks. Clients need to abstain from sex and masturbation during this period, so the wound can heal completely.

Why must circumcised men still wear condoms?

Circumcision only offers partial protection against HIV, something in the region of 60% protection. This is a great benefit for the individual and also in terms of the overall Namibian HIV epidemic. However, even circumcised men can contract HIV and are far from being completely protected. Only abstinence or safe sex can offer effective HIV protection. Circumcised man should continue to practice safe sex to be safe from HIV.

Biological explanations for the effectiveness of circumcision against HIV”

Higher levels of sexually transmitted include HIV infection common among uncircumcised men. Inner mucosal surface of the foreskin is fragile and is susceptible to minor trauma and sores which facilitate entry of pathogens (germs) including HIV. The area under the foreskin is a warm, moist environment which may enable germs to multiply, especially when hygiene of the penis is poor. There are cells under the foreskin that are susceptible to HIV infection. These cells (Langerhans cells), are removed during the process.

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