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Importance Of Audience Research Essay

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For any activity to be carried out well, some form of feedback is needed. Try walking with your eyes shut, and you will soon bump into something. Even without your thinking about it, the feedback from your eyes is used to correct your steps. In the same way, any organization that does not keep its eyes ...view middle of the document...

Because of the size of the television business and the important role of audience measurement, most audience researchers work at broadcast and cable networks and at local television stations. Therefore, this entry will focus on television and radion audience research. (Audience research at the various media companies differs somewhat, but there are many similarities.)

Audience research is a systematic and accurate way of finding out about your audience. There are two main things that audience research can do:(1) estimate audience sizes, and (2) discover audience preferences.


1. Understanding your audience

If you don’t want to measure the audience or evaluate a program, why would you do audience research? A very important reason is to understand your audience. The more you know about the types of people in your audience, their backgrounds, their interests, and their preferences, the better you can be at making programs to suit them.

2. Deciding Broadcast Time

Know your audience will help the media organization to know which programme to broadcast at a particular time. The programme that is meant for children are broadcast at a time the children are at home.

3. Deciding on Language of Broadcasting

Through Audience research, the media organization knowing who their audience are chose the appropriate broadcasting language to meet their desired goal.

3. Choice of Medium of Broadcasting

The medium of broadcasting is determined by the nature of target audience. It is through audience research that the audience is determined and appropriate medium used in dissemination of information.

4. Knowing the Nature of Broadcasting

Through audience research, the media organization gets to know the nature of the broadcast content. If the audience is obscured to the media operators. Through this research, the programme is segmented to meet the need of the various audiences. E.g. Women programme are tailored to meet the need of the women, children programme are likewise tailored to meet the need of the children.

If you have an audience, and you don’t do audience research, this is equivalent to walking with your eyes shut. But many organizations (even those with audiences) survive without doing audience research. How do they survive?

Even if an organization doesn’t do systematic audience research, it usually has some informal method of collecting feedback, and sometimes these informal methods seem to work well.

When funding is guaranteed, regardless of audience size, broadcasters can survive without audiences. Many shortwave services have tiny or unknown audiences, but governments fund them out of national pride.

Organizations that rely on revenue from their audiences often use the amount of revenue as a substitute for audience research. This applies to most small businesses. As long as they keep making money, they feel no need for audience research. But when the flow of money unexpectedly...

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