Importance, Impact And Barrier Of Ict On Teaching And Learning

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International Journal for e-Learning Security (IJeLS), Volume 2, Issues 3/4, September/December 2012

Understanding the Importance, Impacts and Barriers of ICT on Teaching and Learning in East African Countries
Berhane Aradom Tedla Northeast Normal University Abstract
This paper based on synthesis of the research literature, observation and focused group discussion with East African Scholars on the use of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) in primary and secondary schools in East African Countries with a particular focus to understand the importance, impacts and barriers of ICT into classroom Instruction. The study explored internal and external factors that surround ICT issues, ...view middle of the document...

Similarly, ICT plays a major role in the developing countries to go through economic, political, social and cultural development [3]. This implies that ICT has a profound impact on how teachers teach and students learn, and how people live, business and communicate in the day to day activities. It provides opportunities to stimulate learning and increase motivation that enables teachers and students to interact productively with neighboring communities and global economy in a wider and higher scope. To realize this opportunity, however, technologies need to be part of the curricula. The effort becomes more fruitful, achievable and down to earth for practice, if it’s combined with the efforts and initiatives of local leaders, educators and entrepreneurs. In other words, ICT has tremendous potential to change the way of life, prepare students for the workplaces, improvement of educational systems and attainment along with how people access and process information, if it’s integrated wisely into a curriculum by the collaborating with interested individuals. Ultimately, the formation and application of ICT into classroom instruction embedded in the mission of the East African Countries. This calls a solid and well established national strategy and policy on ICT integration into classroom instructions. In the study, it was reviewed that the selected countries has a national policy that promotes the use and integration of ICT into schools, and in turn produces a quality education. There is substantial evidence that Information and Communication Technology promote a quality education and effective teaching- learning atmosphere for both a student and teacher. Several research studies indicate that Information and communication technology (ICT) provides educational opportunities and environmental readiness for classroom instruction. More essentially, ICT plays a greater role in generating of knowledge and processing information for problem solving and further exploration. However, it remains to be seen how teachers use, integrate and invite students

1. Introduction
The rapid global technological advancement and economic development places a great investment into education. Nowadays, with the expansion of knowledge, advancement of technology as well as globalization issues, the profession ‘teaching’ becomes a central figure and most challenging, for it requires new planning and technological adaptation to cope with cultural dynamism. Teachers are implementers, and thus need to learn and apply new technologies into their classroom instructions. Governments in East African countries as elsewhere, are more conscious more than ever about the importance of ICT in the


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International Journal for e-Learning Security (IJeLS), Volume 2, Issues 3/4, September/December 2012

to learn, access, gather, process, analyze, transmit and simulate information. The usage of ICT into classroom instruction is a more...

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