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Human brain goes through thinking process when processing information. Our brain is like a treadmill; a person can limit and process information per unit at times. Sometimes in other for us to make the right decision the brain has to decide the best decision for us to takes. Human brain typically makes decision based on a single stimulus. For instance if I saw a tiger immediately I will run that is the response a single neurons of our brain acts on every single stimulus presentation. The brains are able to create very complex processes. A machine sometimes goes through a thinking process as well; the machine has to think about the information to process for the individual who asked about the information. When an individual shut down or restart the computer or electronic devices to turn it back on the computer has to goes through a thinking mood. The ...view middle of the document...

Human needs machine to solve their problems, and helping with different research and looking for daily news. Human goes through thinking through repeated process before making a decision back and forth. For example when human goes through making a big decision, we went through a thinking process our mind is dispensation back and forth about it. The human brain is thinking about decision their made what is the outcome on that decision in the future.
Machines are used to make our lives much easier, it can help individual solve problems, answer question, watching your favorite television shows and doing research for school or a job. Human search for clarity, human find document or do research to support answer or solution and to make sure things are making sense while machine goes by formula to come up with their solution. If there is an error with formula the machine may not be intelligent enough to recognize it. On the other hand, human will do calculation to find how they go to the solution.
I believe machine can function without a human because we created the machine; we have installer and put information in the system for the machine devices to be able to function well. Machines sometimes are not reliable sources because sometimes you can pull information online, sometimes it can be incorrect information to the question you ask, for example Wikipedia sometimes people changes information on that website. The person got the information sometimes got false information that is the reason I stated my opinion. Yes, I believe machine and human intelligence work together they both needs each other. Machine needs human to put information into the computer and human needs machines to solve their problems and doing research
In conclusion both human and machine are very important they have pros and cons. The both needs each other, machine are useful in the society, human tend to take more time in work to come up with solution, while machine can be quicker to solve problems and look things up. Although there are similarity and different the both need each other to stretching their intelligence

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