“Implications Of E Commerce On Collaborative Business Environment: Insights From Organizational Ecology”

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The Volume 1 research was written by VR Salkute, SR Kolhe and Ambedkar Veedhi of North Maharashtra University, India. It is composed of 6 pages posted in International Research Journal last April 2011. The paper discussed the implications of E-Commerce from the perspective of organizational ecology theory, starting with establishing the connection of Internet to the collaborative environment using the three phase analysis in ecological perspective. The objective of the study is to use the 3 phases as framework to study collaboration using E-Commerce. The research has provided illustration of phases of organizational ecology analysis in table form. There is a comparison of concepts in ...view middle of the document...

The core of the research journal covered only few areas of the topic. The terminologies used were not given clarity. The research should have been more explicit if the following explanations on the terms used were provided:
Collaborative business is a concept where companies share information with each other in order to create stronger operations. While collaborative business can seem counterproductive to developing a competitive advantage, it actually helps companies to learn new processes or activities that can improve productivity or output. The collaboration functions as a symbiotic relationship, where each company has a product or service that will help the other; when they trade or share these items, both companies benefit.
In business, competencies are invaluable for creating a competitive advantage. These competencies include abilities or activities that allow one company to complete tasks or produce goods and services better than another. Competencies typically include information gathering, production methods, customer service, and employee development, among others. Collaborative business allows one company to work with another in order to develop these competencies. Core competencies, however, may not be transferable from one company to the next. These represent a company’s outstanding ability or abilities that competitors cannot easily imitate.
Population ecology is the study of dynamic changes within a given set of organizations. Using the population as their level of analysis, population ecologists statistically examine the birth and mortality of organizations and organizational forms within the population over long periods
Organizational ecology (also organizational demography and the population ecology of organizations) is a theoretical and empirical approach in the social sciences that is especially used in organizational studies. Organizational ecology utilizes insights from biology, economics, and sociology, and employs statistical analysis to try and understand the conditions under which organizations emerge, grow, and die. Organizational ecology examines the environment in which organizations compete and a process like natural selection occurs. This theory looks at the death of organizations (firm mortality), the birth of new organizations (organizational founding), as well as organizational growth and change. Organizational ecology contains a number of more specific 'theory fragments', including:
• Inertia and change
• Niche width
• Resource partitioning
• Density dependence
• Age dependence
Organizational ecology has over the years become one of the central fields in organizational studies, and is known for its empirical, quantitative character. Ecological studies usually have a large-scale, longitudinal focus (datasets often span several decades, sometimes even centuries).
There were certain ideas were underemphasized such as the disadvantages and limitations of e-commerce to the collaborative business...

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