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Implication Of Living In Organizational Sociaety

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If someone were to describe the living in an organizational society he or she would describe it as a structure of domination where power and domination refer to a collective capacity to act. As a result, organizational analysis is basically concerned with the mechanisms and strategies where sub organizations (schools, church etc) are produced dealing with societal contexts and problems of every day life.
The world we live in today has gone through some rough times in the last decades or so. The end of the cold war, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the birth of the European Union and the introduction to high technology, forced our societies to get organized in order to face ...view middle of the document...

Experiences of individual organization are first analyzed and shared among the organizational members and then become the property of the entire organization.
In order to achieve that, you need a certain degree of trust among organizations in order to maintain structural balances. Without a certain degree of trust it is almost impossible to establish or maintain organizational relations over a longer period of time. Leaving in the 21st century, trust merely appears to be the basic precondition of all social interactions within and between organizations. However, it would be wrong to assume that trust is always a convenient and simple solution to the problem of how to achieve stability, flexibility and efficiency in organizational relations. “Trust can be understood as a means that allows gaps to be bridged but it also produces considerable risk, since unavoidably, can be betrayed and turn out to be misplaced”
Having said that, it’s time to list certain implications of an organizational society we live in today:

The Internet
Effective, non-interruptible and efficient communication needs of societies structures’ as well as individuals demands’, essentially led to the creation of the Internet. However, Internet in its initial steps quickly showed that some standardized protocol is mandatory if its scope was to become a true global communication system. The need of such a protocol, in other words, a well-structured and highly organized means of transmitting and receiving data bits, became apparent when the expected number of Internet users sky-rocketed within the first few years of its existence. This protocol, which is called TCP/IP, led to the formation of another standardized higher-level means of communication, which we all know today, the World Wide Web (WWW). These two methods of communicating digital data became the backbone of the Internet. Both these communication protocols are extremely tight and highly organized structures (within the scope of the technical aspect of the subject at hand) that have helped the development of the Internet into what it is today, with no signs of its growth to slow down. This should probably be a prime example of how a highly organized structure became the foundation for the development of truly global system that apparently works continuously and it is available to practically everyone in the developed world. In fact it has changed the way that people communicate and conduct their daily business (a classic example is teleworking). It has helped expedite processes, eliminate distances, and draw out of oblivion smaller business firms and organizations. It has also helped people have access to a vast volume of information, whereby a lot of younger people today have substituted the classical library usage with on-line searches.
On the other hand, it is this same access of information that has been abused by some individuals and perhaps very few organizations, to supply questionable material to everyone....

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