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Implementing Customer Relationship Management As A Core Business Strategy

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Presented to
Adrian Lim
School of Business Management
Nanyang Polytechnic

February 13, 2014
This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current customer relationship management of Singapore Café Ptd Ltd. The purpose of this report is to enhance the existing customer’s experience at Singapore Café and to increase our presence in the F&B Industry.
Sources of data collection include search engines and websites of the companies.
The report finds that it is important for Singapore Café to focus on our one-to-one marketing management and knowing who our customers are, where ...view middle of the document...

Many companies are investing heavily in technologies to have a better understanding on their customers and maintaining close contact with them. However, CRM is only useful if organisation is willing to provide their customers regular updates and keep them involved and interested in organisations’ activities.
The business perspective recognizes CRM as an organizational strategy relating to the following:
(i) customer demographics;
(ii) understanding and predicting consumer behaviour;
(iii) segmenting customers into customer groups;
(iv) one-to-one marketing;
(v) analysing purchasing patterns of customers and
(vi) knowing who the customers are, where they are and what they need

Singapore Café Pte Ltd wants to be the leading branded hospitality chain in Singapore and the region through carefully monitored service quality and product stands.
Today, we see fewer returning customers and new customers due to mediocre service delivery, lack of product variety and our market growth in the F&B (Food and Beverage) industry has been stagnant.
If we ignore these problems, more resources will be used to handle the complications which may cause us to further deviate from solving it. We will be using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to evaluate existing strategies and further enhance it to fit the company vision.


The purpose of this study is to:
1) Enhance existing customers experience with Singapore Café and
2) Increase Singapore café’s presence in the F&B industry.

To achieve this purpose, emphasis will be focused on one-to-one marketing and knowing who the customers are, where they are and what they need.


This study investigates the general public perceptions on personalised services and their expectations of fostering a closer relationship with Singapore Cafe. We explore the use of Information Technology to establish a platform to continuously communicate with the customers and concurrently gather data to better understand them better.


We reviewed Singapore Cafe’s marketing strategy on how it constructed its culture and image since it started business in 2003. We use the SWOT analysis to identify strategies and action plans to steer the company towards better marketing in a highly volatile and competitive beverages business industry. In addition, we looked at how the company engages its customers and study how to leverage on current social media to gain better understanding of its customers. We explored on how to tap on the customers’ feedbacks to generate greater business opportunities.

Findings: One-to-One Marketing
One-to-one marketing is a CRM strategy that emphasis on personal interaction with the customers. Organisations collect personal information about their customer such as orders history, contact number, birthdays and stored in a...

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