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Team C Learning Assignment Composed By:
Billy MacNair, Crystal Revis, Heather Ibarra, Danyl Chahal, and Nakia Matthews
HCS/451 Healthcare Quality Management and Outcome Analysis
Week 4 Organizational Performance Management Paper
Classroom Facilitator: Lauri Rose

The assignment included in this team collaboration defines, analyses, and explores the similarities and differences between the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the American Medical Association (AMA), as well as determines proposals for improving management and accreditation requirements with effective compliancy. This study also provides a table in the appendix ...view middle of the document...

The National Cancer Institute does not do fundraising for the money it uses on cancer research it relies on government funding or private donations. The research it does benefits the millions of people who suffer from cancer all over the world. The NCI educates physicians about the latest information in cancer research and rallies behind those strive to know more about the disease they suffer from and what they can do to better the odds of their survival.
All of these organizations are set out to aid those who are in situations of vulnerability, they are sick, or were looked at as weak. These organizations helped to empower people and educate them about their rights, their bodies, their health, and what they could do to improve them all. I had a really difficult time finding the differences between all of them except for the obvious which are the dates of establishment, what caused their establishment, and things of that nature which we have already addressed. They were all created for the same purposes, to help those who cannot help themselves. It is done in different ways but the desired ending is the same- for people to be happy and healthy.
Accreditation compliance and overall organizational performance:
The purpose of this program is to provide supervisors with a resource to help them implement a performance management plan. While these organizations does not dictate a specific plan, all supervisors are expected to do some form of performance management consistent with the following guidelines. The ADA, NCI, and AMA all have a core function for any supervisor is managing their staff. Each organization must have a clear and practical definition of performance management if they want to purposefully manage the performance of your direct reports in order to lead them to peak performance. They must insure that performance management systems involve explicit performance expectations, clear standards, accurate measures, and reliable feedback. According to the U. S. EEO Commission practical guidance is advisable for employers to give clear guidance to an employee with disability as well as other employees regarding the quantity and quality of work that must be produced and the timetable for producing it (EEO Commission). To make sure that each organization keep up with their performance goals they must and should identify and develop evidence based on clinical performance measures and measurement resources that enhance the quality of patient care and foster accountability, When it comes to achieving regulatory/accreditation compliance and certification this will provide these organizations with a framework to develop the quality and safety of care and services they offer. This can also result in public recognition of their achievements. If the ADA, NCI, and AMA utilize external evaluation system they can look for continuous improvement of the quality and safety of care and strive for levels of excellence within their organizations. Most of...

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