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Implementing Change Essay

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Why Organizational Change
Candis Burton
November 14, 2012
Tangelia Frazier

Why Organizational Change

When a business first enters into the market the organization develops goals and missions that they have set forth to achieve. However, during the lifetime of the company there are many internal and external factors that can affect the company from reaching their goals and achieving their set forth mission. Most organizations make changes daily in order to guarantee the services or products provided fit the needs of the customers. Dollar Tree is a company is well known for their prices. If the company decided to undergo a significant reorganization there ...view middle of the document...

In this area as people go through the point of transition they can blame and become angry. People can feel uncertain, lost, afraid, or make unusual outburst of frustration or anxiety. The key objective is to stay patient, focus on the future, and let the past go. Those people who are optimistic should continue to be encouraged. This can have a negative impact on activities. Because things can be chaotic at this stage, staff may question the status quo or the accepted way of doing things. It is important to note that with encouragement this stage can be a time of exploration that is ripe with creative opportunity. The last stage in the transition curve is new beginnings. The New Beginnings stage of the Transition Curve is that time when people are ready to commit to the new direction and the change. They feel secure in the new organization and are ready to function as a significant contributor. This typically occurs as the initiative starts to achieve some of its desired goals. The people have decided to commit and participate in building the new process within the new environment. Everyone has become comfortable with the change, and strive to build a report with customers. Dollar Tree is a company that is known for becoming successful one dollar at a time. A change in price would definitely affect the current customers. At first sales could possible fall, and the loyal customers that considered the company number one may take their money elsewhere. Even the smallest change in the price can negatively affect this company.
The global and internal environment can also affect change in several ways. In business management the competitive environment can change to keep up with or exceed competitive advantage. The company that make...

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