Implementation Plan Essay

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Implementation Plan
Simply formulating a strategic plan is not enough for success. The plan must also be successfully implemented for it to be successful. Implementation includes developing short-term objectives, identifying functional tactics, and determining key success factors. These items are critical for the successful implementation of UPMC’s new strategic plan.
Short-Term Objectives
WebFinance Inc. (2014) defines a short-term objective as “a smaller, intermediate milestone to achieve when moving towards an important goal” (para. 1). Short-term objectives are often long-term goals broken down into smaller pieces. By completing the short-term objectives, we are also ...view middle of the document...

Functional Tactics
According to Pearce and Robinson (2014), functional tactics are “detailed statements of the ‘means’ or activities that will be used by a company to achieve short-term objectives and establish competitive advantage” (p. 291). The first functional tactic is to take a close look at the current contract with Highmark and see what parts can be changed to make the contract work better for both parties. One of the sticking points is the contract pricing. UPMC needs to compare the Highmark contract with the other insurance contact pricing to ensure that it is comparable. A contract team will be developed dedicated to starting a new contract with Highmark. Furthermore, a media team will be developed to ensure that all anti-Highmark propaganda comes to an end and that the employees are kept up-to-date with the proper information to release to the patients.
The next functional tactic is to gather the information on the elderly population of Pittsburgh with a study. The study will work to gather the necessary demographic and medical information of the sample. The study will start immediately and will continue over the next year to follow the participants and monitor the types of medications they are on, the conditions they have and develop, and delve into the support systems the patients have currently and have access to. This study will give UPMC a great start to developing a comprehensive senior care program in Pittsburgh. The study will be conducted a study team of researchers and headed by a gerontologist.

Key Success Factors
According to Dix and Mathews (n.d), key success factors are “functions, activities, or business practices, defined by the market and as viewed...

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