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Implementation Of The People Cmm Essay

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Implementation of the People CMM
Novemeber 15, 2014
Dr. Rushing

Implementation of the People CMM
When implementing the People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) companies will have to go through each level of maturity and each process. The PCMM describes a system of practices. These practices help a company to create a vision of how to incorporate a system of practices to achieve its workforce objectives and provide the framework to guide implementation of those practices ( ). Each maturity level has three to seven process areas. Each process is a cluster of practices that enhance workforce capability ( ). This paper presents two maturity levels in the ...view middle of the document...

Obtain and maintain
To obtain the both managed level and optimizing level the company will need buy-in from the whole organization. Buy-in is crucial to have when implementing any type of change. Having buy- in will need the managers to take workforce activities as high-priority responsibilities of their job. The managers need to accept personal responsibility for the performance and development of each employee. When implementing practices the company needs to have managers and employees believe this change is good of the company. Five steps to let the managers and employees know that change is necessary. Lay out a vision clearly discuss why the change is needed. Show the company where the company stands today and where company wants to be with this change. How change will positively affect the managers and employees careers. Personalize tasks make sure the tasks matches the strengths of each employee. Personalizing task will show the employees that he or she is set up for success this will motivate the employees. Set measurable goals and tell each employee how he or she will be accountable. Give praise to the employees when he or she reaches the goals. Follow up stay connected to ensure the company is clear about the mission. Encourage employees not to be afraid and ask any question he or she has about the change. Manage resistance right away. The company needs to be aggressive when noticing resistance. Small issues can become bigger issues down the road. Get rid of toxic employees he or she will poison the minds of others who have already bought in to the mission. Lastly be prepared to change the change. The company needs to see if the change is working. If it is not working then learn from the mistakes and change to course of action. Executive management needs to commit the organization to continuously improve the knowledge, skills, motivation, and performance of their workforce ( ).
The actions the company will take to implement the necessary practices will be commitment to perform and measurement and analysis. According to Curtis, Hefley, and Miller, commitment to perform are practices which describes the activities the organization must perform to ensure that the practices of a process areas are established and will endure( ). Policy statements are to establish and maintain the organizations policy for the...

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