Implementation Of Reproductive Health Law: Awareness On Family Planning Practice And Strategies Of Improving Health

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The earth does not contain enough resources to indefinitely sustain the current enormous population growth. For instance, there is a limited area of arable land and living space. China, home to 1.2 billion people or 1/5 the world's population, is an excellent example of the kinds of problems that arise in an increasingly crowded society (Hanson,ND).

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, showed that poverty incidence is higher among big families: 57.3% of Filipino families with seven children are in poverty while only 23.8% of families who have two children live below the poverty threshold.

Proponents argue that smaller families and wider birth intervals resulting from the use of contraceptives allow families to invest more in each child’s education, health, nutrition and eventually reduce poverty and hunger at the household level. At the national level, fertility reduction cuts the cost of social services with fewer people attending school or seeking medical care and as demand eases for housing, transportation, jobs, water, food, and other natural resources. The Asian Development Bank in 2004 also listed a large population as one of the major causes of poverty in the country, together with weak macroeconomic management, employment issues, an underperforming agricultural sector and an unfinished land reform agenda, governance issues including corruption.

So the government of the Philippines has decided to pass the Reproductive Health Bill which is now known as RH LAW. This law is aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on maternal care and birth control. The said law also stressed the need to enhance the status of women, which was crucial for achieving sustainable development. To realize this goal, women must have equal access to education and equal participation in social, economic, cultural and political life.

The bill mandates the government to “promote, without bias, all effective natural and modern methods of family planning that are medically safe and legal”.
Although abortion is recognized as illegal and punishable by law, the bill states that “the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner”.
The bill calls for a “multi-dimensional approach” integrates a component of family planning and responsible parenthood into all government anti-poverty programs. Age-appropriate reproductive health and sexuality education is required from grade five to fourth year high school using “life-skills and other approaches”.

However, some other people are still against in this law, especially the Catholic Church. They believe that the issue in overpopulation was the first reason why RH Law was made is nothing else but a LIE. They believe that poverty in millions of Filipino is not caused by overpopulation but rather they believe it is caused by corruption of the government officials.
This belief results to ignorance of the implemented programs on birth control measures like the sex education which is supposed to be learned...

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