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Implementation Of A Contact Resource Management (Crm) System

2215 words - 9 pages

| Fall 2014 |
MIS 535

small business consultation on the implementation of a Contact resource management (CRM) system |

Table of Contents

I. Abstract
II. Brief Company background
III. Discussion of business problem
IV. High level solution
V. Benefits of solving the problem
VI. Business/technical approach
VII. Business process changes
VIII. Conclusions and overall recommendations
IX. High-level implementation plan
X. Summary of project

I. Abstract
This proposal will detail how the purchase and implementation of CRM system not only eliminates the current challenges Aces Wild Casino Parties’(AWCP) faces in data ...view middle of the document...

By 2008, the team acquired more casino tables and began to offer various casino party options. In 2012, AWCP went from a partnership to a Limited Liability Corporation and began to do business in the state of Florida. Since then, the company has provided hundreds of casino style shows for various non-profit organizations, corporate parties, and private events.

III. Discussion of business problem
At present AWCP has hundreds of contacts which contain multiple data points such as business industry type, contact role/position, general contact information (name, phone, address, email, etc.), and past event history stored in a spreadsheet in a single computer.
The storage of various prospect/contact data in spreadsheets on single computer limits the team’s ability to data mine the contact information for specific contacts to reach out to, spot trends, easily market to specific types of clients/prospects, and/or view/share this information with the rest of the sales team.
IV. High level solution
CRM software will help AWCP to get more visibility into their prospect and client base. This insight into the data will allow for the development of tactics needed for long-term profitability as well as formulate better plans to break new operational ground/market spaces.
A CRM can enable AWCP to automate some business processes that were previously manually performed, with sales automation features. Many CRMs will allow for the creation of what is called a workflow. This workflow can be triggered at each step of the sale and once triggered, the CRM will alert or notify the user of the next step to be taken, so that sales do not slip by or get lost due to a lack of consistent sales flow. (Microsoft, 2013)
A CRM system can give a small business the tools that enable it to understand what it takes to build an effective customer outreach policy and boost sales. By doing so a CRM can potentially eliminate loss of income by helping better target the right customer segment, provide intelligence about long-term sales trends, adjust sales strategy, and track results.

V. Benefits of solving the problem
The ability to seamlessly share information across an organization is a strength that cannot be under emphasized. A CRM allows for the sharing of not only notes about a contact, company or sales opportunity in order to give everyone clear visibility of individual activities; but depending on the CRM solution, it can link documents and/or emails to these different record types such as a contact record, company record, sales lead, and/or sales opportunity.
In addition to being able to see what other members of the team are doing within a specific record via dashboards, an organization is able to view the individual or team results with regard to a forecast, closing ratios, leads, marketing data, as well as other types of reports based on a company’s specific processes, data points and needs. (Shaw, 2013)

VI. Business approach

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