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Implementation Ad Training For The New Point Of Sale System At Wal Mart Inc

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Implementation ad training for the new point-of-sale system at Wal-mart Inc
In January of 2011 my team and I were tasked with the deployment and implementations as well as setting up the training and support procedures for the new point of sale(POS) system at a test Wal-Mart store in Arkansas. This following plan will detail the strategies which will be employed for the accomplishment of the task and the potential problems and their consequent overcoming. The project is still in development so any of the proposals discussed here are not final and may be subject to further changes.
The new point of sale system our company has designed for Wal-Mart Inc is a state of the art software solution ...view middle of the document...

Once the system is in place it will be monitored remotely by an engineer in the same building with “root” access to all the functions of the machine.
The participating cashiers and sales people will be required to fill out a log of all the events that have presented issues in the sales and check-out process. One of the most important steps of this feedback will be the lead-up to the issue – button presses, transaction type, items etc. This will be immediately submitted to our testing and debugging team for duplication and solutions based on the results.
Another tracker the initial users will have to monitor is speed of transactions and ease of use. Their feedback on the system’s user friendliness will be the stepping stone for further iterations of our POS designs. Our goal is to work closely with the end-user in order to provide a more reliable, fast, and efficient product for our customers.
The training will be conducted in a time frame of 16 hours. The training team will comprise of a graphical user interface engineer a senior designer and I. The plan is outlined in the training manual to be distributed with every unit and consists of focus points for every feature requiring more than two interactions from the user. The training expects a minimum of 15 customers per hour to go through the check-out, if the traffic of patrons during the allotted time is not enough the trainers will simulate transactions of different types and difficulty.

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