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Impession Management. It's Negative Impact And Why Awareness Is Important?

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Impression Management. It's negative impact and why awareness is important?Impression Management is the process by which people attempt to manage or control the perception others form of them. There is often a tendency for people to try to present themselves so as to impress others in a socially desirably way. Thus, impression management has considerable implications for areas such as validity of performance appraisals and it is a pragmatic, political tool for one to build image and be successful.Some of these impression management behaviors are consciously controlled while others such as eye contact and posture are often unwittingly expressed. We attempt to control our impression management behaviors because they are primary means of influencing how we are treated by other people. It is, essentially, spin-doctor.Since Goffman, some have defined impression management negatively, as a form of impersonal manipulation occurring in very confined ...view middle of the document...

Impression Management StrategiesDemotion Preventative Strategy:1. Accounts2. Apologies3. DisassociationPromotion Enhancing Strategy1. Entitlements2. Enhancements3. Obstacle Disclosures4. AssociationEmployee Impression Management Strategies:Demotion-Preventive Strategy - For employees trying to minimize responsibility for some negative event or to stay out of troublePromotion-Enhancing Strategy - For employees who are seeking to maximize responsibility for a positive outcome to look better than they areDemotion-Preventive StrategiesAccounts - These are employees' attempts to excuse ot justify their actions. Example excuses for not getting something done on time because of another high-priority assignmentApologies - When there is no logical out, the employee may apologize to the boss for some negative event. Such apology not only gives the impression that individual is sorry but also indicates that it will not happen again.Disassociation - When employees are directly associated with something that went wrong, they may secretly tell their boss that they fought for the right thing but were overruled.Employees using this approach to try to remove themselves both from the group and responsibility for the problem.Promotion-Enhancing StrategiesEntitlements - Employees feel that they have not been given credit for a positive outcome. They make sure that it is known through formal channels. Or they may informally note to key people that they are please with their suggestions or efforts worked out so well.Enhancements - Employees may have received credit, but they point out that they really did more and had a bigger impact than originally thought. For example: Their effort not only served a customer well or met a difficult deadline, but can be used in the future to greatly increased profit.Obstacle Disclosures - Employees, identify their personal or organizational obstacles they had to overcome to accomplish an outcome. They try to create the perception that because they obtained the positive outcome despite big obstacles, they really deserve a lot of credit.Association - Employee makes sure to be seen with the right people at right times. This creates the perception that employee is well connected and is associated with successful projects.

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