Impearalism In The United States. Describe The Events Leading The Us To A Policy Of "Imperialism."

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"In strict confidence... I should welcome almost any war, I think this country needs one." declared Teddy Roosevelt in a letter to his friend, 1897. Continuing he wrote, "To prepare for war is the most effectual means to promote peace... No triumph of peace can equal the armed triumph of war." It was clear Roosevelt desired war and for only one reason - imperialism. Him and his Washington imperialist friends manipulated the press, other politicians, popular figureheads, the spirit of America, and even President McKinley to obtain their goals. They based their ideas on Manifest Destiny. Dubbed in 1840, this expansionist impulse rose again in a new form - America's global ...view middle of the document...

These quarrels reawakened anti-British sentiments and the dream of annexing Canada, but they were not met openly. Critics called the imperialists jingoists as well as warmongers. Eventually the dispute was settled in 1898 and critics' uproar slowly died down. Latin America, however, was irresistible. Chile was engulfed in civil war in 1898. This was the opportunity imperialists had been waiting for. A Chilean vessel in San Diego was seized by United States officials for trying to buy guns. Shortly after two unarmed sailors were killed by a mob in Chile. The United States was in uproar. President Harrison nearly called for war until Chile apologized and paid an indemnity. Later in 1895, a boundary dispute erupted between Venezuela and British Guiana. Grover Cleveland asked Congress to set up a commission to settle the boundary without Britain's consent and in 1897 Britain accepted the commission's resolution. Latin America was not the only area that imperialists were after. After near naval clashes, Great Britain, United States and Germany established a three-way protectorate over Samoa. Then, quickly shifted to the Hawaiian Islands. Here imperialists had one of their most significant victories. When Queen Liliuokalani began to threaten American dominance of the island, imperialists suffocated the Hawaiian economy by jacking up sugar duties. The queen was quickly overthrown and Hawaii was proclaimed an independent...

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