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Impaired Employee And Liability Essay

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One ethical consideration surrounds the notion that a person can take on a position or apply for and obtain a job based on free will and rights theory. Under this assumption, the candidate has a right to seek and obtain a position because he is able to perform the duties of the position at this time. The same person may struggle with whether disclosing his condition may interfere with ...view middle of the document...

An third ethical consideration is a manager may struggle with making a hiring decision, knowing the candidate has the right to suitable employment that is fulfilling to him and at the same time, benefits the organization, at least for the time being.
If he chooses not to hire the top pick, based on this information, he may feel he is being unfair. Ethics plays a very important role during the recruitment of new employees. Law and regulations dictate that we have to be ethical in hiring. It is importance that candidates are to be selected based on merits. Applicants are to be hired based purely on merits such as knowledge, skills, and ability in accordance to the needs of the organization. If a company provides any special considerations, for example affirmative action, where certain groups are given special considerations, these considerations should be well stated in the company's policy statement. In any case, any preferential treatment should be one that is legally allowed.

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