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Impacts On The Evolution Of America Education

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EDU 576 Philosophical and Social Issues in Education

Impacts on the evolution of America Education

Jessica Welch

September 4, 2013

Many events and individuals impacted the evolution of education. Socrates (470-399 BC) impacted the evolution of education by his method known as the Socratic Method. This method of teaching involved not giving information but answering questions with questions until students were able to come to their own conclusion of the truth. Socrates is considered one of the few philosophers who changed how philosophy was viewed. His main goal was guiding students to search for the truth and not just giving the answers. His ...view middle of the document...

This method impacted the evolution of American Education because Joseph Lancaster brought this idea to America. Eventually the monitors were replaced with pupil-teachers. The pupil-teahers earned a small sum while they were trained for five years to become teachers and learn the art of teaching. A similar method is still used today. Student-teachers are trained the art of teaching by interning in classrooms under the supervision of a master teacher while usually working on achieving their licensure.

Horace Mann (1837) also known as the “ The Father of American Education” served on the Massachusetts State Board of Education. Horace Mann’s motivation for free public education or the common school was his belief that political steadiness and social synchronization relied on education. Mann believed that public education was the best way to change difficult children into disciplined citizens. Many states agreed with some form of this concept. Horace began the trend of the common school. His beliefs also evolved the normal schools, schools that trained teachers which are similar to colleges today. Mann believed that if children of all social classes were educated together they would have a common learning experience. This idea would allow those of a less fortunate social class have an equal oppurtunity to better chance of improving their social class. Mann also believed that public schools should be supported by the state, and be governed by elected, local school boards. This is still implemented in our schools...

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