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Impacts Of English Language In Chinese, Economy, Culture And Education

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English language was introduced in South China in the eighteenth century. It took root in the mid nineteenth century when a school teaching English was started. The first missionary schools lasted for 10 years (1835-1851). After the 1860 war the schools were reopened and they spread to other parts of china. Between 1872 and 1925 over 7,000 missionary schools were operational with over 260,000 students. Learning English was a means to learning modernized military methods and an opening for china to work with foreign countries and create alliances. Strained relations with USSR when Russian language was to replace English gave the Western culture a better impact opportunity ...view middle of the document...

It used the Olympics to advertise its capabilities economically. Olympic Games as an opportunity to penetrate their market through one single platform and both short term and long-term benefits may accrue from holding the Olympic Games (Turner & Acker, 2012).
In the last three decades, not only has English language been regarded as a valuable resource for the China’s modernization drive, but it has also had a great impact on the many Chinese lives and personal welfare. In the late 1970s, the Four Modernization program initiated and the subsequent reforms in political, economic and social domains have brought about rapid economic development in the country. It resulted in an increase in commercial, technological and cultural exchanges with the rest of the world. English language has contributed to these changes and developments by serving as a vital link between China and the rest of the world. With the China’s increasing presence in international affairs and growing importance in the global economy, there has been unprecedented demand for proficiency in English. Proficiency is perceived as a cornerstone of further development for the nation and is widely seen as a valuable asset for individuals as well (Wu, 2012).
English language is the key to a host of opportunities, such as education at home and abroad, desirable jobs in public or private sectors and eligibility of professional promotion. Because of superior social and economical prestige that proficiency in English has accrued, English language teaching in China has received a great deal of attention from the government, the education authorities, education, parents, and society. The county’s entry into the WTO and the recent successful bidding and hosting of the Beijing Olympics have further strengthened people’s perception of English value and the social use of the language.
In order to understand how English language has acquired high status and popularity in China today, it is important to provide a detailed account of several key developments in the region. These include the big international event, Exposition of the China-ASEAN, the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, the recently established booming multinational enterprises, tourism and the expectations in today’s employment opportunities. The China-ASEAN Exposition has been held annually since 2004 in the Nanning (Hughes, 2006). Along with this event are the China-ASEAN Business and investment summits and the Nanning international fork Song and Art Festivals. In order to, successfully host such yearly international events, the country has to open its doors for the international exhibitors and purchasers as well as domestic participants. This will enhance more business opportunities for the local business people and enterprises to both China and the ASEAN countries. In order to achieve such target, English language plays an important role the interaction and communication between the buyers and the sellers (Turner & Acker, 2012).
It is...

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