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Impacts Of Broken Home On Academic Performance

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This survey research conducted to find out the effect of broken homes on primary school pupils academic achievement in Jere Local Government Area. Two objectives and three research questions where formulated to guide the study. The population of the study consist of all the senior pupils in four selected school in Jere Local Area. Through the process of simple random sampling a total number of 100 pupils where selected to participate in the study. The major instrument used for collecting data was a questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed through the used of simple percentages. It as discovered based on the analysis that most of the respondents are not staying –with their ...view middle of the document...

This is because live schooling of students started from home. A home is the wall of the house but the people who live on it make a home. A house only because a home, when if complete. A home also became a house when is not broken.
Hemm (1970), broken home means a heroic in which the parents are separated or divorced or are no more by either as a result of death. Children from such home lack proper care and security. The suffering of such children could be seen in different dimension.
In most cases, adequate parental and affection may not be given to the children properly by the adopted parents that is the guardian. Unfortunately for the children who find themselves in such a manner can been neglected by the fear groups and society instead of being love and care for however, the parent day Nigeria.
The rate of broken homes are increasing is unprecedented, consequently and it is necessary for the psychologist and teacher to find out this relationship between houses and academic achievement of the concern children.
Parent (1970); homes as a developing place he want on to say that it is also a place of natural shelter from rain, sun and cold which is the season. The other point he stressed on was security and care while he concluded by the fact that it provide a place for happy family life with room and equipment for preparing and eating means for recreation.
When a student imagines his homes a “Vaccum can” which exposed him or her to same problems in the environment.
I some societies in Nigeria and other parents of Africa such children are regarded as neglected.
ISAKE and others (1984), mother are considered as the backbones or major providers of prorgamme of services to individual child.
Base don the needs and understanding of his environment. They said children from broken homes feel very sad when they lack the carrying, affection, security and concern from lovely hone.
Those children are supposed to enjoy. Such children tend to develop a kind of inferiority complex, and aggression, hostility, reserved and isolated among their fear group. They said when children are not secured and not enjoying jthe love and parental up bringing, it will affect the cognitive loved of the children, thereby affecting their academic achievement.
However, as the home became as insecurity place, the children are respond by developing tension, prostration and aggression and anger and hatred toward on or both parents because of their behaviour, that lead to separation and also broken homes could causes the children to feel isolalation and humpies.
Yusuf (1981), reveal that 60 – 70% of backward students of primary schools in Jere Government Area, are those children from broken homes. Some of them are rerunning errant, while some of them do not have adequate school material that will help them study.
Hence, there are frustrated and psychologically disturbed, when they are in classroom as a result they cannot do well in the school activities.


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