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Recycling Computers
Recycling computers for the purpose to be reused by another consumer could enable great opportunities, save the landfills, save resources, and reduce the impact on environment. The responsible party for recycling a computer is the consumer. Many states already have laws in place that require recycling of computers, (Laws, 2007) most recyclers donate a required number of refurbished computers to schools, nonprofits and low-income families, (Community MAR Americas Program, n.d.).
When a personal computer out lives its usefulness and needs to be replaced and/or discarded the consumer will have to decide to either donate, trade in or throw away the old computer. Which ...view middle of the document...

Many consumers have choices in the state they live in by disposing a computer with either a recycler, or nonprofit originations. Proper disposal means more than simple diverting away from the landfill or an incinerator. It means giving life back by protecting the environment and possibly helping others by donating. The impact can vary depending on each donation. A company can donate a number of computers to Close the Gap, which is a company committed to bridging the gap in surrounding countries, (Participate, 2006) Another company that is doing global work is World Computer Exchange and there are many ways to donate computers to this organation by visisting their website to find a local chapter, (WCE Chapters, n.d.). If a consumer only has one computer to donate the best resource then would be finding a local recycler, a great website for this is My Green Electronics and type in the desired zipcode to bring up a list of local recyclers, (Enjoy Your Electronics, 2010).
Technology is rapidly changing and the advatages of upgrading ones personal computer (PC) to new sleeker model is becoming a consumer temtaption. The prices of new computers are at record lows, so why not recplace the old computer with a sleeker, newer model? On average a consumer will keep a comptuer for three years before replaing it, (The Importance of Responsible Recycling for Used Electronics, 2010). Instead of dumping the old computer into the local trash, the consumer can donate it with receive a tax deduction for their donation. Also, electronic products can be refurbished and reused when utilizing Microsoft Authorized Recycler Refurbisher (MAR). However, first, the consumer must remove all personal data from the computer and the consumer has a number of different ways of performing this task.
When a consumer has used a computer for a number of years, the storage on the computer can mound up to a tremendous amount of data. Each consumer will want to protect their privacy and prevent potential identity theft by removing all data from the computer before donating the computer. A personal computer can be filled with personal and financial data and it is necessary to remove it. There are a number of ways to remove data from the hard drive, by destruction of the hard drive, degaussing data, and overwriting the data, (Data Removal Recommendations, 2008). Many software companies have come out with programs to aid in this process, such as Eraser, Disk Scrub, and Super Scrub, which will either write over the hard drive or eliminate all data from and programs from the computer. Paragon is a software group that created a software programs for erasering the data from the computer and protecting the consumer or organization. The program Disk Wiper is available for organizations or personal usages. The two products offered are Disk Wiper 10 Professional or Disk Wiper 10 Personal, (Disk Wiper, n.d.). For Macintosh users, many programs do exist that will permently remove data...

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