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Impact Of Work Life Balance On Working Women: An Overview

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Dr. Anju Sigroha*, Ms. Yogita Girdhar** and Dr. Sneha Sangwan***

Female participation in the workplace has grown dramatically over the past couple of decades. This growth has been especially noticeable in the professional and managerial fields where women now occupy a significant number of positions. The increased female workforce participation has been accompanied by its own challenges like managing time, roles & responsibilities at workplace & at home. Work life balance is seen more as women issue due to the traditional mindset, where the woman is considered primarily responsible for the smooth running of the day to ...view middle of the document...

While the thrust has fuelled the economy & increased per capita income, it has also resulted in greater pressure on working individuals- men & women equally. There are no two thoughts about increasing stress levels but it also goes without saying women have to face certain stereotypes & biases both at work & at home which adds to high level of stress. In every working woman’s life, there are four key stakeholders- her own personality, job, family & society. If the balance is not maintained in any of these, than there is conflict in various relationships. When a woman faces such a conflict, she gets no peace of mind, loses her harmony with life and becomes increasingly less efficient in every sphere of life.
The imbalance in the work life of an woman has attracted a great deal of concern because a large number of problems related to woman health ,monotony at work place, declining levels of productivity and competence at the employee level had started surfacing. Such imbalance has a negative effect on personal life of working women which in turn have taken form of social hazards such as increasing number of divorces, infertility due to high stress levels; starting nuclear families etc. An organization, which successfully addresses these issues, leads to a healthy synergy in the working atmosphere of the company and its employee. Although there has been a significant increase in incomes and material possession in the last decade, these tangibles have come at the cost of intangible. These intangible are very important part of women life.
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The ultimate performance of any organization depends on the performance of its employees, which in turn depends on several factors. These factors can be related to work or can be familial or personal matters. How an employee manages various aspects of her life helps achieving in balance at work and in private life. Work-Life balance can be understood as the equilibrium point on see-saw, one side of which is occupied by personal goals & family responsibilities and the other side is occupied by workplace necessities. Work-life balance does not necessarily mean equal balance between work & personal life rather it is the happy medium between the maximum & minimum. Work life balance is meaningful achievement and engagement in everyday life

Work life balance is defined as" effectively managing the juggling act between paid work and other activities that are important to people. It is a state of equilibrium in which the demand’s of both a person’s job and personal life is equal”.
According to Clark
“Work-life balance is satisfaction and good functioning at work & at home with a minimum of role conflict”.
According to Hughes
“The ability of individuals, regardless of age or gender, to find a rhythm that will allow them to combine their work with the non-work responsibilities, activities and aspirations”.
There is no agreed definition of work-life balance but it does appear that the...

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