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A work-life balance is an organizational subject that empowers employees and workers to split time and energy between work and other important areas of their life successfully. As long as a balanced work and life could be achieved, people could satisfy their work and life better than they lack their personal lives. Their emotions could be more stable within their work time period and they could work more efficient and productive during their work period when there is a balanced work-life. So, companies would prefer more efficient and productive employees and the improvement of their companies would be stimulated by these workers. Therefore, how could employees get through ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, telecommuting can increase their talent pool, that is to say, the company could select employees from all over the world. Thirdly, telecommuting removes some employees from office distractions and allows them to concentrate on their duties, which enhances their productivity. Then, telecommuters have no needs to spend a long time traveling to the workplace, so the traffic congestion and accidents can be reduced. Furthermore, the green house gases also can be reduced via the reduced traffic conjunction. Finally, the turnover for telecommuters might be lower than others who work in the office. They have more freedom and flexibility. So, they can gain the work-life balance and more job satisfaction, the turnover could be decreased. Moreover, the stresses for telecommuters are much less than others because of the working time are more flexible. They might have more time to manage their stress.

Case Analysis
AT&T, an American Telephone and Telegraph Company founded in 1855, is a good example for using telecommuting to assist their business. It is the largest provider of fixed telephone and the second largest provider of mobile telephone in the United States. In 20th century, AT&T Company had looked for the new and innovative ways to manage its employees when other firms still adopted the traditional management methods. AT&T Company realized that the breakthrough of management was vital and significant in giving a real incentive for its own business improvement. AT&T has begun to implement telecommuting among the employees since 1992. As a result, the employees at AT&T were allowed to work from home or other remote locations in one or several days a week. That is to say, all the telecommuters could work “together” as long as they equipped with some necessary technologies such as laptop, Smart-phone, power cords and other virtual presence technologies. In this period, AT &T could have become the leader user of telecommuting.

Moreover, according to a 2012 AT&T Research, the number of AT&T telecommuters went up dramatically in recent years. By the end of 2012, there are nearly 23,000 telecommuters at AT&T, which is over 3 times more than the number in 2008. This amazing data reflects that telecommuting in fact produces many positive effects on its company. What is more, 90% of the telecommuters at AT&T believe that they can better manage their job stress, and 98% of them said they have better work-life balance. All the telecommuters at the company insist that they have more flexibility and freedom to monitor their job. They can decide when to work, where to work or even what dress to work. Hence, on one hand, job stress management and time management of AT&T are illustrated by telecommuting and by its well-worked employees, and on the other hand, this shows that AT &T has a strong management skill to manage their telecommuters.

Furthermore, in many cases, the companies place too much emphasis on the wok outcome of employees but ignore...

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